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Monroe Public Schools: Monroe, Washington 98272


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Our hearts are with Marysville schools.

At the request of Monroe High ASB leaders, Bearcat fans attending Friday’s football game dressed in red to support Marysville and a moment of silence was held to remember those lost and who are hurting after Friday's tragedy.

Youth will obviously need support from their families as more is learned about this terrible news. The link below from the National Association of School Psychologists may offer some help to families when talking about this situation. As always, please let us know us know if you have questions or concerns we can help with and please give your child(ren) an extra hug for us.


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  • Plan to visit family/teacher conferences - All students will be dismissed early Monday through Friday - October 27-31 for families to sit down with teachers to discuss learning progress and concerns. Middle and high school students are dismissed at 11:50 a.m. and elementary students at 12:55 p.m. The tips below may be helpful as families think about this upcoming opportunity to actively partner with school staff in their child(ren)'s education.
    • Take time prior to the meeting to review your child’s past assignments to note strengths and areas you think need improvement.
    • Ask your child what he/she would like discussed. A child’s view on what is happening in the classroom - good and bad - are important impressions that need to be shared with school staff. This type of information helps schools improve.
    • Make a list of your questions/comments to ensure you get the answers your family needs to help your child be successful.
    • Ask questions about what you hear from the teacher. Learning continues for life for both families and school staff. Communication is a two-way street.
    • Let the teacher know you are interested in supporting efforts in the classroom. Inquire about outside reading and home activities that might reinforce curriculum topics and skills.
    • After the conference, share what was discussed with your child. Be sure to include the positive. It helps build a child’s self esteem and may inspire him/her to even higher accomplishments.
  • Monroe school leaders are listening - Community members, families, staff and students provided thoughtful feedback about our public schools during the recent online School Board Listening Tour. All that feedback is now being reviewed for a report to be issued before Thanksgiving. Of course, nothing takes the place of a face-to-face conversation so please let the School Board know if you would like to sit down to talk about our schools.
  • Cat Tracks Club welcomes senior citizens - With fall sports, music and drama just around the corner, senior citizens are invited to join Monroe High's Cat Tracks Club to enjoy special benefits with home sporting events, school concerts and student drama productions.


Notice of Non-Discrimination | Aviso de No a la Discriminación

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Volunteer Opportunities: Many opportunities are available to become involved. Monroe Public Schools pride themselves on keeping children and volunteers in our schools safe. For the safety of the volunteers and our students, volunteers are required to fill out a volunteer packet each year.

Applications are available in English and Spanish and can be obtained from your neighborhood school or the Monroe Public Schools Administration Building, 200 East Fremont in downtown Monroe. For more information contact the Communications Office at 360.804.2503. This includes the Washington State Patrol Criminal History Background Check form.

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Monroe Public Schools provides an outstanding education that results in all students having a passion for learning.
Adopted by Monroe Public Schools Board of Directors on August 10, 2009


To fulfill our vision, the Monroe Public Schools will provide a safe, nurturing learning environment with a highly qualified, effective staff; promote active, engaging instruction for all students; and partner with families and community support agencies in order to ensure a learning community that practices shared leadership, embraces diversity and demonstrates a belief that each child can succeed.

Adopted by Monroe Public Schools Board of Directors on December 14, 2009


• Increase Academic Rigor of Programs

• Develop a Comprehensive Assessment Program

• Advance the Capacity of the Organization to Learn and Improve

• Close the Achievement Gap for Underrepresented Groups by Improving
Systems of Support for Students Struggling Academically and Socially

• Expand Opportunities for Students to Participate in Enrichment and
Remediation Activities

• Rebuild District Operations and Infrastructure to Support Student Learning

• Build Access to Appropriate Technology and its Integration in the Learning Environment

• Enhance School Safety and Climate

• Expand Community Connections Through Communications and Meaningful Involvement
Adopted by Monroe Public Schools Board of Directors on January 14, 2008

Welcome to our Community Notices webpage. This page is designed to help families have the information they need when they need it. I don’t know about you but there have been many times I saved a flyer to refer to later but then never could remember where I put it. Hopefully this new process will help.

Our school newsletters will highlight new postings twice a month. Our goal is to refresh this page at the start of each month and then again in the middle of the month. This is definitely a work in progress so please let us know your suggestions for improvement.

If your organization is interested in taking advantage of this new process, please complete the Request for Distribution form and return it to the Superintendent’s Office.
By email to MooreB@monroe.wednet.edu
By fax to 360.804.2529
By mail to Superintendent’s Office, Monroe Public Schools Administration Building, 200 East Fremont, Monroe WA 98272
Or in person.

Questions? – contact Barb Moore by email or by telephone 360.804.2502.

Community Notices: