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Welcome to Fryelands Elementary School!!!

Home of the Falcons!!!

principal Jeff Presley

June 16, 2016

Hello Fryelands Families,

We had a very successful year at Fryelands Elementary School. We will miss our fifth grade students and their families as they head to middle school.

What can you do to help your child this summer with academics? Regardless of other activities, the best predictor of summer loss or gain for students is whether or not a child reads during the summer. Research clearly shows that the key to stemming summer reading loss is providing children with books that fit — books that match their skill levels and their interests — which is an important first step in encouraging voluntary reading.

People who read fluently also comprehend well, too. It would be very helpful to your child, if you had them read out loud to you over the summer. Just 10-15 minutes every day will help tremendously. Listed below are the fluency goals of “words read per minute” for each grade level for the end of each school year.

Target rates for fluency at the end of each grade level:

1st grade = 47-81 words per minute
2nd grade = 87-116 words per minute
3rd grade = 100-136 words per minute
4th grade = 115-125 words per minute
5th grade = 115-151 words per minute
6th grade = 130-167 words per minute

News for next year:
We say goodbye to several staff members who are moving on to new adventures: Mr. Brown (3rd grade teacher) is moving to the district office after helping to open our school eleven years ago, Ms. Kekina (3rd grade teacher) is moving on to teach elsewhere after a successful year with our students, Mrs. Siemers (Dean of Students) is moving on to Monroe High School as the new Dean of Students there. We also say goodbye to three of our wonderful paraeducators who are leaving us: Ms. McAlarney, Miss Hircock, and Mrs. Rich. We will miss them all very much and we wish them the best on their new journeys.

We continue to interview and will be selecting several more teachers for our school. Stay tuned…as we will be letting families know as soon as possible.

As we complete the final days and I write the last newsletter of the year I think back to the beginning of the school year and the growth of our students. Our goal was to build positive learning experiences for our students and to create a place where they felt safe and secure to discover themselves and the world around them. As you look back at the year, I hope we helped create meaningful academic and social experiences for your children. I am truly proud to be working in a neighborhood school with terrific teachers, a super support staff, caring parents, and the best students! Have a great summer and remember, “Your Fryelands Family cares about you.”


Jeff Presley

Show your Falcon PRIDE every Friday by wearing read, white and blue!

We Want Our Kids to be Safe

There are 563 students attending Fryelands Elementary School.  That means there are potentially over 1,000 parents and/or guardians that come onto our campus on any given day.  In any system this large, it is paramount that everyone follow the safety procedures and systems that are in place.  Safety of your child and the other 562 students is our number one priority. 

There are 2 ways to drop off your child before school.

#1 Students may be dropped off in the front Drop Off Area near the building
#2 Parents may park their vehicle and walk with their child to the front door

The following are not approved methods of drop off:

  • Letting students out of your car in the middle of the parking lot traffic
  • Parking your car in the handicapped parking for a quick “drop off”

There are 3 ways to pick up your child after school.

 (Park your car and walk up to the flag pole to pick up your student)

(You may wait in line at the car drop/pick up area in your vehicle,
this takes no more than 15 minutes after school)

(Park your car and walk up to the fence to pick up your student at the North Gate)

The following are not approved methods of pick up:

  • Having your child walk to Tye Park to meet you
  • Waiting for your child in your parked car for them to come to you on or off campus
  • Picking up your child at the front doors or front crosswalk (please use flagpole area)
  • Waiting for your child at any location other than those listed above, including outside the classroom, out front by the office area, or in the hallways
  • Using the handicapped parking spaces, at any time to stop or park, unless displaying handicapped decal in window or on license plate
  • Walking up to car pick up (Door #3) to get your child
Your support and assistance with these guidelines and procedures is appreciated.  Staff have been directed to speak with anyone not following these procedures.  Please treat them with respect as they do their job.  Our goal is your child’s safety and that of each and every student at Fryelands.

Neighborhood elementary school attendance areas

Fryelands Elementary
15286 Fryelands Boulevard
Monroe, WA 98272

Fryelands Elementary SchoolPhone: 360-804-3400
Toll Free: 1-800-282-7818
Fax: 360-804-3499

School Hours: 8:55 a.m. to 3:25 p.m.

Attendance Hotline 360-804-3401

Jeff Presley, Principal
Jeannette Siemers, TOSA/Dean
Lori Harris, Office Manager
Julee Baca, Assistant Secretary
Jill Singleton, Counselor
Sherah Bustamante, Nurse

August: ABCs of Fryelands Elementary, Arrival and Departure Plan










June: 06-16-16

SAVE THE DATE! Splash Back to School 2016-17

Our community offers many opportunities for youth to enrich learning, Monroe Public Schools publishes notices from not-for-profit groups offering such activities on this website under Community Notices. Paper copies are often also available in the main office at our schools.

Car Pick Up Map

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Important Notice About Internet Safety

The best way to protect children from online harm is to keep computers in a family area of the home. Visibility allows parents to look over the students' shoulders without being too oppressive. Young children should have a parental chaperone whenever they are on the Internet. Two sites that discuss these issues and offer advice can be found at www.safekids.com and www.safeteens.com.

Hyperlinks to staff web sites (located on the Staff page) are provided for student and parent convenience, and all staff web sites are hosted by external Internet service providers. Monroe Public Schools assumes no liability for content contained on external service provider sites. Filtering software from one of the providers listed below is recommended to prevent unauthorized access to sites beyond the District's control.

Norton | Cyber Sitter | Net Nanny | Surf Watch | Cyber Patrol

Voicemail: 360.804.2998 ext 3495
Email: fryelandsparents@gmail.com

Fryelands PTA website

2015-16 Officers are:

  • President
    • Cassie Carpenter-Stone
  • Vice President
    • Ashley Moyes
  • Secretary
    • Misty Simoneaux
  • Treasurer
    • Lisa Bussey


Dialing 360-804-2998 accesses staff voice mailboxes.

The search option lets families use their telephone keypad to enter the teacher's name to be connected to the voicemail system to leave a message.

Staff Telephone Directory


Accetturo, Diana


Amstutz, Kathleen Learning Specialist  
Arnold, Vicki Custodian - Lead  
Ayers, Barb 5th Grade  

Baca, Julee

Assistant Secretary

Beaman, Rhonda Paraeducator  

Brown, Randy

3rd Grade


Bull, Jamie



Burns, Mindy


Bustamante, Sherah Nurse  
Carlson, Robin 4th/5th Grade  

Durrell, Susan

3rd Grade

Susan Durrell
Finley-Stiemert, Pat Speech and Language Specialist  

Firsching, Cheril


Forde, Lyle Music  

Gadd, Jennifer

5th Grade


Gillespie, Becky

2nd Grade

Ms Gillespie

Harris, Lori Office Manager  

Hehn, Andrea

Learning Specialist

Hircock, Davi Paraeducator  
Jaffe, Sarah Kindergarten  
Johnson, Cassie Speech and Language Pathologist  
Kekina, Sheri 3rd Grade Sheri Kekina
Kerr, Kirsten Speech and Language Pathologist  
Lorang, Terese Paraeducator  
McAlarney, Athena Paraeducator  

McInelly, Jacquie

Learning Specialist


Morrell, Deb

2nd Grade

Morrell, Ken P.E. Specialist  

Mullen, Jodi



O'Brien, Maureen

P.E. Specialist

Overturf, Karen Custodian  

Peckenpaugh, Allison



Pope, Laurel

Learning Specialist


Presley, Jeff


Rich, Cathy Paraeducator  
Sanders, Deniz 5th grade  

Santamaria, Steve

4th grade


Schott, Janae

1st grade


Shepherd, Jodi

1st Grade

Siemers, Jeannette TOSA/Dean of Students  
Singh, Rinku 4th Grade  

Singleton, Jill


Slater, Darcy 5th Grade  

Tenney, Kathryn

4th Grade

Tews, Jennifer Psychologist  

Velie, Julie

1st Grade

Wenker, Kayla Learning Specialist  

White, Sharlie

Music Specialist

Whitehouse, Amanda Kindergarten  
Wilson, Angela Paraeducator  

Wood, Jennifer

3rd Grade

Jennifer Wood

Wright, Ben Paraeducator  
Yang, Mai See Paraeducator  
Young, Lisa 2nd Grade Ms. Young


At Fryelands Elementary School, we are a safe, collaborative community where everyone is welcomed, valued, and respected, diversity is embraced, and individuals are encouraged to become confident, life-long learners.