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Frank Wagner Elementary School

No Excuses University

Welcome to Frank Wagner Elementary School - Home of the Wildcats!

Swifts return to Frank Wagner

Mrs. FitchWinter

There is so much happening at Frank Wagner Elementary it is difficult to know where to start.  I love my job and feel privileged to be the principal at this school.  The family support at our school is powerful and much appreciated by your child, the staff and me!

The district has provided all of you with Internet access for a new way to see the textbooks and concepts your child is learning about.  You will get access to Reading, Writing, Math and Science curriculum on this website. www.gomonroeschools.org .  If you would like to speak with someone about this new family internet opportunity, attend a Parent Hub meeting on any Wednesday from 9-10:30AM.  Everyone is welcome to the meetings and there is child care available.  Mrs. Kathy Bernhardt can help you get answers to questions about this internet service and any other questions you may have. 

Concerts and field trips are on-going activities at FWE.    Students are doing some holiday singing at local senior centers in December.   Field trips are going to the Science Center, the local library and the historical museum. 

Our 5th graders are participating in the Snohomish County awareness program to bolster physical activity in youngster’s lives.  With family permission, 5th graders will each get a wristband that allows the student to track their physical activity level daily or weekly.  The wristbands are free because of a grant.  With the wristband permission, 5th graders also receive a free membership to the YMCA for a year!  I am always impressed with the quality community partnership that exists in Monroe.

Speaking of community, have you seen the FWE art and school work displayed in various places in the community?  Our students have many opportunities to create impressive work and we like to show it off whenever we can.

The teachers share student celebration news with me on a regular basis.  Below are a sample of things our students are doing academically in just the last month:

  • Over half of the kinder students know all the letter names and sounds. They can also distinguish a vowel and consonant!
  • Many 1st graders have been scoring 80%, 90% and 100% on district math and reading tests. 
  • 2nd graders are turning homework in more and more consistently and more 2nd graders have 100% attendance than any other grade level!
  • 3rd grades are doing work with geometry using angles and triangles.  Many 3rd graders are also reading 110 words a minute with exceptional fluency!
  • 4th grades are concentrating on understanding those hard math story problems.  They are also reading books from different genres and writing coherent paragraphs and essays!
  • 5th graders are also learning to understand the hard math story problems. They are also beginning algebra math.

Playing studentsOur new procedures for students to come into the classrooms ready to learn are paying off.  Teachers say the Freeze bell at recesses help students stop and redirect their thinking from play to work.  The level of learning has really increased.  Having parents move out of the covered area once the first bell rings in the morning is helping also.

Parents still are able to sit and have breakfast with their child and walk out to the playground.   Our students are lining up by themselves in the covered area and the mental transition for students to start school is amazing.   Thank you to the families that help us promote the routines and procedures that motivate student learning.

Our car drop in the AM and PM is wonderfully smooth.  We have come a long way with your help creating a safe car drop procedure. Thank you for staying in the one car line and understanding only the first 3 cars in front of the cross walk can have students load into the waiting car. 

All parents will benefit from coming to one No Excuses Parent University meeting this year. The next one is on March 26 from 6 PM in the WEST gym. The meetings are informative and you are strongly encouraged to at attend at least once this school year.  Following the March meeting, will be nationally known speaker Charles Leach with an update on student safety online. You are all invited to attend. We cannot provide child care for either meeting.

If you have questions or comments about Frank Wagner Elementary, please email or call me.  You can also make an appt. with the secretary to meet with me. 

Mrs. Robin Fitch, Principal
fitchr@monroe.wednet.edu/ 360-804-3200

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Frank Wagner Elementary
115 Dickinson Road
Monroe, WA 98272-2104

Frank Wagner Elementary SchoolPhone: 360-804-3200
Toll Free: 1-800-282-7818
Fax: 360-804-3299

School Hours: 8:55 a.m. to 3:25 p.m.

Attendance Hotline: 360-804-3201

Vikki Berard, Principal
Hugo Molina, Assistant Principal
Romana Plesa, Dean of Students
Pam Johnson, Secretary
Ardy Woolley, Assistant Secretary
Joanna Dittemore, Counselor
Dee Miller-Turner, Nurse

Kathy Bernhardt, Parent Liaison 360.804.3364

September: 09-09-13, 09-16-13

October: 10-01-13, 10-15-13

November: 11-01-13

December: 12-01-13, 12-15-13

January: 01-15-14

February: 02-01-14, 02-18-14

March: 03-01-14

April: 04-01-14, 04-24-14

May: 05-08-14

June: 06-01-14

Our community offers many opportunities for youth to enrich learning, Monroe Public Schools publishes notices from not-for-profit groups offering such activities on this website under Community Notices. Paper copies are often also available in the main office at our schools.

Other FWE links:Teacher helping students

Important Notice About Internet Safety

The best way to protect children from online harm is to keep computers in a family area of the home. Visibility allows parents to look over the students' shoulders without being too oppressive. Young children should have a parental chaperone whenever they are on the Internet. Two sites that discuss these issues and offer advice can be found at www.safekids.com and www.safeteens.com.

Hyperlinks to staff web sites (located on the Staff page) are provided for student and parent convenience, and all staff web sites are hosted by external Internet service providers. Monroe Public Schools assumes no liability for content contained on external service provider sites. Filtering software from one of the providers listed below is recommended to prevent unauthorized access to sites beyond the District's control.

Norton | Cyber Sitter | Net Nanny | Surf Watch | Cyber Patrol

Voicemail: 360.804.2998 ext 3395Students


Frank Wagner PTA website

2013-2014 Officers are:

  • President
    • Amber Mehta
  • Co-Vice Presidents
    • Rachel Chessie
    • Amy Mann
  • Co-Secretary
    • Jodi Decker
    • Teresa Montano Becerra
  • Co-Treasurer
    • Gena Weeks

Dialing 360-804-2998 accesses staff voice mailboxes.

The search option lets families use their telephone keypad to enter the teacher's name to be connected to the voicemail system to leave a message.

Staff Telephone Directory

Abbott, Samantha 4th Grade  
Bannon, Michelle PE  
Berard, Vikki Principal  
Bernhardt, Kathy Family Liaison  
Bivens, Beth Music Specialist  
Broughton, Laura 3rd Grade  
Burke, Emily Paraeducator  
Carruthers, Katie Music Specialist  
Chauvin, Patrice 2nd Grade  
Ciuzak-Roed, Sally Paraeducator  
Conte, Jessica Kindergarten Ms. Conte
Cooper, Trisha 3rd Grade  
Cox-Johnson, Janis Psychologist  
Culnane, Dori 3rd Grade  
DeRoest, Nancy 3rd grade  
Dittemore, Joanna Counselor  
Dugan, Melanie Kindergarten  
Dunn, Leah 5th Grade  
Edwards, Julie Paraeducator  
Elles, Carlos Spanish-speaking Liaison  
Falenski, Lianne 2nd Grade  
Fesseden, Nancy Paraeducator  
Finley-Stimert, Pat Learning Specialist  
Gee, Kim 1st Grade  
Gunter, Samantha Paraeducator  
Harmon, Scott 3rd Grade  
Hayward, Anne 1st grade  
Hritsko, Melissa 1st Grade  
Jaffe, Sarah 4th Grade  
Johnson, Cassie Speech & Language Specialist  
Johnson, Janis Psychologist  
Johnson, Lori Learning Specialist  
Johnson, Pamela Lead Secretary  
Kitchen Kitchen /Staff  
Kurtenbach, Kirsten 2nd grade  
Martinez, Poala Paraeducator  
Maxson, Missy 5th Grade  
Miller, Michelle English Language Learner  
Miller-Turner Dee Nurse  
Molina, Hugo Assistant Principal  
Murphy, Gayle Learning Specialist  
Norris, Chance Learning Specialist  
Ohlsen, Kimberley Paraeducator  
Okon, Vicky Paraeducator  
O'Malley, Nancy PE  
Pearson, Kevin Custodian
Peeples, Melinda Paraeducator  
Phillips, Rachel 1st Grade  
Plesa, Romana Dean of Students  
Pollow, Terry Custodian  
Rainville, Jamie Preschool  
Reyling, Samantha Paraeducator  
Riske, Michelle Learning Specialist  
Roberts-Lindgren, Debbie Preschool  
Rose, Jody Paraeducator  
Salmi, Kathy Learning Specialist  
Sanders, Danielle English Language Learner  
Smith, Darcie 5th Grade  
Snider, Cindy Paraeducator  
Stanwyck, Jody

English Language Learner

Sullivan, Rachel Kindergarten  
Sweeney, Kristi Kindergarten  
Vandeventer, Shellee Paraeducator  
Villalobos, Maria Custodian  
Weide, Rebecca Librarian  
Wenker, Kayla Occupational Therapist  
Wilson, Pamela 2nd Grade Mrs. Wilson
Woolley, Ardy Assistant Secretary  
Yri, Judy P.E. Specialist Ms. Yri
Zarate, Matthew 2nd Grade Dual Language  



We are committed to creating a school that knows no limits to the academic success of each student.


Every student, without exception and without excuse, will be proficient or advanced in reading, language arts and math.