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Brett WilleApril 30, 2015

Welcome to May, Hidden River!

Wow … the year is flying by indeed!  We've just emerged through the other side of our first go-around with Smarter Balanced testing.  We are so proud of our students for their perseverance and for giving their best effort.  The last round of testing this year is for 8th grade students only … all 8th grade students will take the Science MSP on May 5th (about a 2 hour endeavor) and the Algebra students will take the End of Course Exam at some point in June.  Other than that the bulk of our formalized Spring testing is over … yay!

Over the past few weeks we've had some great things to celebrate here at HRM.  To start, last week I went with Mrs. Cizek and 20 of her 8th grade Leadership students to We Day Seattle and it was a blast!  Students spent the day hearing motivational speeches from local and national celebrities, CEO's and musicians … people like Pete Carrol, Russell Wilson, Laila Ali, Macklemore, and many others.  It was an outstanding day as the kids got jazzed up about being transformational leaders, both in our community and globally.  Our students were recognized in the Seattle Times the previous weekend for their efforts at HRM to end bullying and for their global action project, a "Water for Life" campaign, that will impact communities in Africa.  Nice job to the students and Mrs. Cizek for serving their community and for making a difference!

Congrats to Mrs. Haberlack for her efforts this year as a STEM Fellow.  This year Mrs. Haberlack has worked with other educators across the state as well as individuals from the Science and Engineering industry to explore and improve ways to engage students in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) activities within the Science curriculum.  Our 7th grade students this year participated in many STEM learning opportunities, including designing and testing a heart valve.  Because of her efforts Mrs. Haberlack was chosen to present at the 4th Annual STEM Celebration in Seattle on May 13th and we are proud of her!  Congrats are also in order for 37 amazing HRM students that improved their GPA by .5 or higher over the last quarter (3rd Term).  During 2nd quarter we had 17 kids improve by .5 in their GPA so this time around that's more than doubled, which is outstanding!   We continue to remind students that success is better defined as a measurement against yourself, not comparing yourself to others.  Making improvements and showing growth, no matter where you started, is what we believe is most important so way to go for all of our students that have shown growth this year!

Finally, our next principal chat is on Thursday, May 14th, from 8:30 - 9:30 am and our topic will be Make Your Day, seeking parent feedback on our current behavior/citizenship program here at HRM.  Our staff is exploring a program called PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) and we'd love to have parent feedback and perspectives on Make Your Day so we can make decisions about what is working and what needs improvement … this will help us moving forward to ensure we give our students the best possible chance to be successful here. 

Thanks again for all that you do and for your continued support of our students, school, and community.  

Brett Wille

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Bennett, Tara 6th Grade Humanities
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Brady, Brena Paraeducator  

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Cavigli, Victoria 6th & 7th Grade Math  
Chickering, Suzanne Band
Christian, Mary Paraeducator  
Cizek, Janice 6th Grade, Math
Cloute, Heather 8th Grade Humanities, Health
Delp, Joe Assistant Principal  
Depner, Stan Custodian  
Fordham, Jennifer 6th Grade Humanities, 7th Grade Science
Glover, Jayme Psychologist  
Gnojewski, Carol 7th Grade Humanities, Digitools
Haberlack, Tamara 6th & 7th Grade Science
Hannan, Steve PE/Health
Holton, Liz Lead Secretary  
Kirk, Christina 7th Grade Humanities, Digitools
Koon, Alison 6th & 8th Grade Science
Lampers, Cynthia 7th Grade Humanities  
Larson, Joe 6th & 8th Grade Math, Algebra  
Lendy, Curtis Learning Specialist
Ligman, Karen Paraeducator  
Oestreich, Robin 8th Grade Humanities
Oldfield, Scott 6th & 8th Grade Science  
Overturf, Karen Custodian  
Pape, Ciara Paraeducator  
Schelfhout, Deborah Assistant Secretary  
Simeoni, Michelle Counselor
Smith, Janet Paraeducator  
Spivey, Michelle 8th Grade Humanities
Svee, Traci Learning Specialist  
Tellez, Maria Custodian  
Turner, Stephanie Speech & Language  
Valluzzi, Holly 6th Grade Humanities
Waller, Colin 7th & 8th Grade Math, Robotics
Wille, Brett Principal  
Wiseman, Angela Nurse  
Witruk, Tanya Learning Specialist  
Yingling, Kathi Assistant Secretary  
Yunker, Rebecca Learning Specialist
Yusko, Shauna Librarian  


Our Purpose at Hidden River is to to create an environment that ensures ALL students learn the necessary skills , from academic to citizenship, to be successful in middle school and beyond.

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   Keep our Commitments
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