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Welcome to Monroe High School - Home of the Bearcats!

A Tradition of Excellence for 100 Years principal John Lombardi

Monroe High School HSPE Schedule 2014

Parents and Families,

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus is credited as saying “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -” and that is very true in the world of education today. In my career, I watched state assessments change from non-existent to the WASL, HSPE, EOC and now the nationally normed, Smarter Balanced. In preparation of Smarter Balanced testing next year MHS is participating in this year’s field test to get a better idea of what the test is and if we have the infrastructure to support this computer based testing.
Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Field Test will occur at MHS from April 14– April 25th in all 11th grade English classes. “The Field Test is a ‘trial run’ of the assessment that helps ensure that the assessments are valid, reliable, and fair for all students. For test developers, the Field Test is used to show which items work well and which ones need to be improved so that they can contribute to the operational assessment in the spring of 2015. The Field Test is an evaluation of items and processes, so schools and local educational agencies (LEAs) will not receive individual student results; however, broad participation of schools from across the state and the country is extremely important to the overall development of the assessments.

The Smarter Balanced Field Test will be delivered to over five million students from within the 23 member states. The Field Test provides the Consortium an opportunity to:

1. gather and analyze student response data on items,
2. establish Smarter Balanced scoring and reporting scales,
3. stress-test the test-delivery systems, and
4. offer students and Test Administrators the opportunity to experience a testing environment that will mirror the actual testing environment.

Please know that we are making every effort to maintain a balance of focus on core curricular academic instruction, while offering our students the important opportunity to experience the new Smarter Balanced test format. The insights that we will get from being part of this field test will help us provide students at MHS the best opportunity to be successful on this assessment that will be required for graduation.

John Lombardi
Principal, Monroe High School
Go Cats!

Monroe High School
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School Hours: 7:50 a.m. to 2:20 p.m.

John Lombardi
, Principal
Erick Aulabaugh, Assistant Principal
Joe Delp, Assistant Principal
Judith Rosas, Assistant Principal
Melissa Davis, Principal’s Secretary
Mark Henderson, Dean of Students
Shelly Scanlan, Attendance Secretary
Kathy Ablutz, Athletic Secretary
Becky Brekke, Financial Secretary
Kathy Wallace, Discipline Secretary
Judi Berry, Registrar
Lisa Woodard, Counselor, serving students with last names A-La
Jane Stevens, Counselor, serving students with last names Le-Z
Tammy Amador, Counselor, serving students with last names 9th graders and students with bilingual families
Jill Vandemoortele, Counselor serving students with special needs
Beth Sabel, Counseling Secretary
Paula Alice, Nurse

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Our community offers many opportunities for youth to enrich learning, Monroe Public Schools publishes notices from not-for-profit groups offering such activities on this website under Community Notices. Paper copies are often also available in the main office at our schools.

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Important Notice About Internet Safety

The best way to protect children from online harm is to keep computers in a family area of the home. Visibility allows parents to look over the students' shoulders without being too oppressive. Young children should have a parental chaperone whenever they are on the Internet. Two sites that discuss these issues and offer advice can be found at www.safekids.com and www.safeteens.com. Hyperlinks to staff web sites (located on the Staff page) are provided for student and parent convenience, and all staff web sites are hosted by external Internet service providers. Monroe Public Schools assumes no liability for content contained on external service provider sites. Filtering software from one of the providers listed below is recommended to prevent unauthorized access to sites beyond the District's control.

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Voicemail: 360.804.2998 ext 4695

E-mail: parents-mhs@monroe.wednet.edu

2013-14 Bearcat Pride Membership Form

2013-2014 Bearcat Pride Officers are:


    • Nikki Ehni
    • Bobi Haugen

Co-Vice President:

    • Mindy Broman
    • Kathy Bolstad


    • Teresa Allen-Martin


    • Jen Caldwell

Please let us know how we may help you throughout the school year.

Patty Johnston in the Career Center is a great resource. It is never too early to ask questions!  


Dialing 360-804-2998 accesses staff voice mailboxes.

The search option lets families use their telephone keypad to enter the teacher's name to be connected to the voicemail system to leave a message.

Staff Telephone Directory


Ablutz, Kathy

Athletic Secretary

Aboen, Barb


Adams, Samuel 9th Grade Humanities/English Samuel Adams

Akesson, Karl


Alice, Paula RN

Health Room

Allen, Joshua

9th Grade Humanities/English

Alvarez, Conseulo



Amador, Tammy

Counselor 9th graders and students from Spanish speaking families


Anderson, Linda



Arnold-Robinson, Sheila



Aulabaugh, Erick

Assistant Principal

Bare, Dan

US History & Government

Benitz, Tricia



Berg, Misty

World Literature/Reading

Berry, Judi


Blaine, Karen

Biology/Zoology/Marine Biology

Bogesvang, Jim



Bowers, Tonya

Learning Specialist


Brekke, Becky

ASB Secretary

Brekke, Dave

Algebra/Math Analysis

Burrington, Dianne

Custodial staff

Capili, Sarah Paraeducator  

Carroll, Donna


Caruso, Anna


Caruso, Vince Horticulture  
Chadwick, Heather Family & Consumer Science, Health  

Chalfant, Matt

Learning Specialist


Coe, Andrew

Spanish/US History

Crager, Brian Sports Medicine  

Creager, Sue

Credit Specialist

Darrow, Scott


Davis, Melissa

Lead Secretary

Delp, Joe Assistant Principal  




Dow, Susan

Learning Specialist

Flood, Tara Algebra  

Foote, Amy


Foster, Sarah

World History

Gilseth, Debbie Security Specialist  

Goodwin, Barb



Hallanger, Sharol

Learning Specialist

Sharon Hallanger

Hanley, Diane

Learning Specialist

Haynie, Andy

Body Conditioning/Team Sports

Henderson, Mark Dean of Students  

Henderson, Neil

Geometry/Math Analysis

Hilt, Janet



Holt, Lena

Kitchen staff


Horner, Tyson

US History/Leadership

Hudson, Stephanie



Hurley, Carol


Hyde, Ryan Choir  

Jaap, Jodi

Kitchen staff


Johnson, Holly

American Lit/English

Johnson, Jaime

English /Writing

Johnson, Jodi

Kitchen staff

Johnston, Patty

Career Center

Jones, Michael Learning Specialist  

Kahn, Will

Learning Specialist


Ketchell, Dave

Drug and Alcohol Counselor


Koenig, Debora

Career and Technical Educator

Kothenbeutel, Jennifer Spanish  
Krufka, Seth American/World Literature  

Kuether, Wendy


Larson, Joe Math  

Lavin, Alia


Alia Lavin

Letcher, Dave

Custodial staff


Lombardi, John


Lowe, Anne

Animal Science

Anne Lowe
Lunstrum, Laura Special Education  

Mahaney, Lisa


Mason, Jessica Learning Specialist  
McCutchan, Rich Technical Education  

McDaniel, Bill



McDaniels, Heather

Kitchen staff


McKelvey, Teri

Kitchen staff


McKenzie, Steve


Mirsky, Garrett Art  

Morrison, Ken


Nash, Robert

Custodial staff

Nelson, Jill Paraeducator  
Nemra, Meagan Geometry  

Nesland, Kendra



Norgaard, Gregory



O'Hare, Jenny

9th Grade Humanities

Olson, Terry


Orr, Keith

9th Grade Humanities

Ottini, Alan

Business Math/ Culminating Challenge

Pastrana, Landa English Language Learners  

Pearce, Inessa



Pierce, April

Custodial staff


Poteete, Cindy

Custodial staff


Poteete, John

Custodial staff

Potoshnik, Mark 9th Grade Humanities/Government  
Reed, Melissa English/History and Drama  

Reyling, Laureen


Rice, Scott Physical Science, Biology  

Rosas, Judith

Assistant Principal

Rose, Karin

Literacy Specialist/Humanities

Royce, Ashley Algebra  

Sabel, Beth

Counseling Secretary


Sarr-Lewis, Jessica

Western/American Literature

Jessica Sarr-Lewis
Saulsman, Brian Librarian  

Scanlan, Shelly

Attendance Secretary

Sheckells, Theresa

Physical Science/Chemistry

Shell, Allan


Silpakit, Peter



Squier, Nichole

History, 9th grade Humanities

Nicole Squier

Stading, Mary

Learning Specialist

Mary Stading

Stanton, Giles

Creative Writing/Western Literature

Stauffer, Edna Student Store  

Stevens, Jane

Counselor Le-Z

Stroble, Jeanna


Tuiasosopo, Ashley Math  

Vance, Tracy

American Literature/9th Grade Humanities, Cheer Advisor


Vandemoortele, Jill

Counselor serving students with special needs


Vaughn, Christopher

Security Specialist


Vaught, Rachel


Vigus, Darby

Marketing/Career Choices


Vos, Kathy



Wallace, Kathy

Discipline Secretary

Walsh, Mary


Werder, Sarah Health  

White, Lisa

Instrumental Music

Wichser, Kathi


Wilmore, Dominique Art  

Wold, Nick


Wolfe, Nick

Physical Science


Woodard, Lisa

Counselor A-La

Wray, Shane Reading Specialist  



Monroe High School is a community of lifelong learners in which staff, students, parents and citizens cooperatively interact in a safe environment. This relationship provides meaningful, diversified opportunities to develop attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary for successful living in a changing world. We value the past, recognize responsibility to present and have goals for the future.