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WelcomJoAnn Carbonetti, principale to Park Place Middle School - home of the Pumas!


June 12, 2014

It is with mixed emotions that I write my last newsletter article in a long career as an educator…That 42 years of working hard to “stomp out ignorance” have passed so quickly is difficult for me to comprehend.. My 18 years in Monroe (the longest time I have ever been in one district), have been a rewarding challenge. Getting to know the families, business partners and fellow educators in Monroe has contributed to having the challenges of school administration balanced with genuine care for our students that makes the
overall experience be a rewarding one. Getting to lead a high school, junior high and a middle school without changing offices will make moving out a bit of a task, but the opportunity to be part of your lives has helped me grow as both a person and an educator.

It seems like yesterday that I signed my first high school teaching contract that paid an astounding $6000 a year, plus an extra $75 for being the head girls’ basketball coach. To put things in perspective, that was enough money in the first check to pay the rent, eat and buy a complete stereo system at Magnolia HiFi! That was the same year that I was thought to be a student hall guide at the Fall open house. I am no longer confused with high school students but often hear that I still look the same (Thanks, but I know better).

Memories of teaching in Washington, Alaska and California will bring smiles as I move on to the next phase of my visit to this world. Whether teaching pre-calculus or trying to reason with a misbehaving 6th grader, each day has brought new challenges that have made this a most interesting career. I have had the support of many wise administrators and parents of students that have helped me gain in skill and confidence. While mistakes have been made along the way, I have always had a support group of staff members and families that have given me the courage to return each day. I have never called coming to school, “going to work”.…

Thank you, Monroe families! Your kind words as I move on are certainly appreciated. Continue to support your children and folks who teach them, give the leaders and teachers encouragement, honest feedback, and an occasional word of appreciation. Look for me on the golf course…with the next goal being to live long enough to shoot my age!

JoAnn Carbonetti


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Almquist, Janaya Math/Spanish  
Barr, Jeanette Attendance Secretary  
Beazley, Irene Learning Specialist  
Berg, Vicki Learning Specialist  
Berry, Dan Science  
Blanton, Steve Custodian  
Boyle, Tonia 8th Grade Humanities
Brainard, Dianne Counseling Secretary  
Bruton, Shaerie 6th Grade Humanities  
Cheshire, Terry Principal  
Cole, Barbara Paraeducator  
Conner, Patty Science  
Crump, Denise Paraeducator  
Darlington, Paul 7th Grade Humanities  
Davis, Meagan 6th/7th Grade Humanities

Day, Craig


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Detloff, Liz 8th Grade Humanities  
Donohue, Chad 7th Grade Humanities  
Dow, Katie PE  
Duemchen, Ansgar Band  
Edelsward, Courtney Learning Specialist  
Elles, Carlos Spanish Speaking Liaison  
Frye, Jeremy Learning Specialist  
Garbutt, Monica 6th Grade  
Garcia, Jennifer Counselor  
Garrison, Joel Assistant Principal  
Gibson, Debbie Family & Consumer Science  
Giordana, Mike Custodian  
Gogan, Krista Learning Specialist  
Goguen, Ada Paraeducator  
Hall, Jeannine Paraeducator  
Harlowe, Robin Nurse  
Hartman, Jim Science  
Hartway, Maura Science  
Harvey, Jayne PE Ms Harvey
Hesselgrave, Elke 6th Grade Humanities  
Hilson, Kristin Assistant Principal  
Hohmann, Cathy Paraeducator  
Holland, Scott Science  
Holt, Sabrina Paraeducator  
Hornbacher, Kim 8th Grade Humanities  
Hudson, Susan Paraeducator  
Huskey, Ann Paraeducator  
Hutson, Helen Athletic Secretary  
Hyvonen, Pamela Nurse  
Ingersoll, James Paraeducator  
Johnson, Lisa Secretary  
Jordan, Amy Paraeducator  
Keller, Steve Psychologist  
Kinney, Cletus Science/Math  
Krogh, Duane Math  
Lamb, Lenny Math  
Lamb, Pamela 8th Grade Humanities  
Land, Misti Paraeducator  
Loreen, Tim Custodian  
Mata, Pat Attendance/ASB Secretary  
McCutchan, Rich Technology  
McLemore, Conan Paraeducator  
Olsen, Linda Learning Specialist  
Olson, Sandra Interventionist  
O'Neill, Heather 7th Grade Humanities  
Patton, James Math and Science  
Prince, Bill PE  
Prince, Cindy Paraeducator  
Pysden, Sharon Paraeducator  
Rowe, Kathy 6th Grade Humanities  
Schaeffer, Billie Paraeducator  
Schroeder, Dorothy 6th Grade Humanities  
Simoni, Dottie 8th Grade Humanities  
Squire, Dawn Paraeducator  
Steenmeyer, Geoffie Learning Specialist  
Stuart, Jim Custodian  
Tjarda, Joyce Paraeducator  
Trabanino, Elsa Counselor  
Weber, Ken Art  
Wenker, Kayla Occupational Therapist  
Williams, Theresa Science Theresa Williams
Winslow, Natalie Science  
Woolley, Annette Math  


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