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Sky Valley Education Center

2016 Local Scholarship Application

Welcome to Sky Valley Education Center

Sky Valley Education Center is an alternative school focusing on individualized learning plans and a wide variety of experiences. To view classes offered at Sky Valley go to our WINGS program. Sky Valley offers the following programs:

Parent Partnership Program (PPP)
This program recognizes the parent as their child's primary teacher with the staff of SVEC being expert partners in the design and implementation of the learning plans. Students take classes offered at SVEC in addition to Home Based Learning as approved through the Student Learning Plan. It is open to grades K-12, and includes an a la carte menu of hundreds of different classes in all subject areas and grade levels.

Excursion Program
The Excursion Program is a once a week educational field trip program. The program will provide bus transportation, admittance to destinations, related curricular materials, a certificated teacher and a program organizer. It is open to K-6th grade children.


Montessori is a hands-on learning experience. The environment captures and builds on children's natural curiosity. Students are actively engaged throughout the day, using specially designed materials that provide concrete, multi-sensory learning experiences. The Montessori classroom changes and grows with the developmental needs of each child. It is open to K-10th grade children and meets Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (3 day program).

Environmental Science School
This program gives students an in-depth experience in nature and environmental science topics. Students may be found on hikes along local rivers, working on tree planting service projects, studying nature writing and adventure literature, or working on the math and science of stream flow, bird population studies, and other projects. It is open to grades 7-10 and meets three days per week. Check out the Sky Valley Environments web site.

STEM Academy
The STEM Academy will immerse 6th-8th grade students in science, technology, engineering, and math learning experiences. Students will develop skills necessary for the 21st century such as problem solving, collaborative group work, persevering through difficult problems and situations, critical thinking, and utilizing creativity. STEM concepts and applications are integrated within a rigorous curriculum including, reading, writing, math, and science in a three day a week setting.

On Line Courses
AA program that provides Internet-based curriculum for students in grades K-12. We subscribe to programs such as Headsprout, Odyssey, Brainpop and ALEKs Math. Students may utilize one or more of these online learning opportunities as part of their overall studies, whether at school or at home.

Sky Valley Education Center
351 Short Columbia St.
Monroe, WA 98272-1527

Phone: 360-804-2700
Toll Free: 1-800-282-7818
Fax: 360-804-2759
Voicemail: 360.804.2998 ext 2700

Karen Rosencrans, Director
Gary Marks, Assistant Principal

Lost and found items are collected at each school. Once per quarter, all unclaimed items are donated to an organization that will clean and refurbish them for those in need of clothes. Please check the lost and found area at your child's school on a regular basis if you are missing items.

Other SVEC links: Important Notice About Internet Safety The best way to protect children from online harm is to keep computers in a family area of the home. Visibility allows parents to look over the students' shoulders without being too oppressive. Young children should have a parental chaperone whenever they are on the Internet. Two sites that discuss these issues and offer advice can be found at www.safekids.com and www.safeteens.com.

Hyperlinks to staff web sites (located on the Staff page) are provided for student and parent convenience, and all staff web sites are hosted by external Internet service providers. Monroe Public Schools assumes no liability for content contained on external service provider sites. Filtering software from one of the providers listed below is recommended to prevent unauthorized access to sites beyond the District's control.

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2016-2017 Officers are:

  • Co-President
    • Tiffani Hilden
    • Bianca Kamnischer
  • Vice President
    • Susy Goins
  • Secretary
    • Tiffany DeGeorge
  • Treasurer
    • Lynett Lockie



Dialing 360-804-2998 accesses staff voice mailboxes.

The search option lets families use their telephone keypad to enter the teacher's name to be connected to the voicemail system to leave a message.

Staff Phone Directory
Acuna, Donna Teacher
Adams, Dean Custodian
Andrew, Shawna Non Rep Instructor
Ash, Karen Non Rep Instructor
Bobsin, Tracy Teacher
Boggs, Molly ParaEd
Bond, Katherine Speech/French Teacher
Bontrager, Linda ASL Teacher
Bradley, Celia Teacher
Brown, Dan Science
Bruck, Julie Non Rep Instructor
Chatterton, Wendy Secretary
Day, Genesis English Teacher
Edwards, Debbie Non Rep Instructor
Eggers, Colin Counselor
Engle, Heidi ESS Teacher
Fitting, Joshua Non Rep Instructor
Gonzales, Aminda Math Teacher
Goodwin, Nona Math Teacher
Govani, Azra Montessori
Hanson, Rich Non Rep Instructor
Horky, Anna Non Rep Instructor
Huettman, Lindsay Non Rep Instructor
Jacobs, Margaret Registrar
Johnston, Jill Teacher
Jones, Susanna Teacher
Kamitsuna, Emiko Japanese Teacher
Kelln, Dee Montessori/Teacher
Landers, Jeralyn Custodian
Liebelt, Jeanette Office Manager
Maertens, Anne Dance Teacher
Marks, Gary Assistant Director
McCaslin, Charles Non Rep Instructor
McCrain, Cara Health/Nutrition Teacher
Miller, Shannon Non Rep Instructor
Muelling, Michael Music Teacher
Mullen-Deland, Stacy World Language Teacher
Muller, Polly Teacher
Murphy, Amanda Elementary Science
Neary, Dylan Math Teacher
Neary, Shamus Science Teacher
Ohlsen, Kim Paraeducator
Olsen, Christine Math Teacher
Opiela, Jeanette 6-12 Biology/Science
Ortiz, Amber Non Rep teacher
Parry, John PE/Math Teacher
Parry, Sarah Counselor
Peter-Contessa, Olivier Non Rep Instructor
Price, Meri Non Rep Instructor
Rainville, Jamie Elementary Teacher
Rihtarich, Ray Non Rep Instructor
Rogers, Claudia Counseling Secretary
Rosane, Andrew Non Rep Instructor
Rosencrans, Karen Director
Schwantes, Michelle 6-12 Social Studies
Shepherd, Terrie Tae Kwon Do Instructor
Sherwood, Joylyn Writing/K-3 Teacher
Sipher, Evelyn Art Teacher
Taylor, Michelle Teacher
Timmons-Tharp, JeriLou English Teacher
Toutonghi, Paul Non Rep Instructor
Villalobos, Maria Custodian
Wartes, Wendy Language Arts
Weaver, Pamela Music Teacher
Westerfield, Karen Contractor


A Parent Partnership Program A public alternative school
focusing on individualized learning plans and experiences

A Program With A Mission: Our desire at Sky Valley Education Center is to provide a variety of alternative programs to meet the individual needs of unique students, guided by the alternative learning experience rules and regulations of Washington State. The CenterÕs educational approach, with access to cutting edge technology and on-line resources, reflects an integrated curriculum that emphasizes multicultural, collaborative, and critical thinking skills which cater to individual interests and prepare students for a successful future.

A Program With A Vision: The whole community is used as a classroom, utilizing an integrated curriculum with both on-site and off-site opportunities, traditional academics, life experiences, and cutting edge technology.

  • Parents, a key resource for student success, demonstrate their partnership by taking an active role in the day to day operation of the center.
  • Adults and students support this partnership, while SVEC facilitates an exchange of information and resources for parents.
  • Adults and students develop partnerships with outstanding local businesses, and area schools. Parents and teachers support students through internships, mentoring, apprenticeships, and workshops for college and career bound students.
  • Students discover their learning style, and demonstrate academic success in such a wide variety of ways that standardized testing is no longer required and becomes simply an option for each family.
  • Adults and students continually expand our educational opportunities with the newest technology available.
The facility is in use throughout the year and is multifunctional, aesthetic, comfortable, and environmentally conscientious.
  • The site accommodates performing and visual arts, environmental education, public service, and relevant job training.
  • The site includes a large outdoor recreation area with a variety of living ecosystems for mixed use including: games, sports, play, science and environmental projects, gardening, planting and outdoor work experiences.