View School Boundaries as an interactive "My Places" Google Map.

    ~ Learn which school your children will attend by using the School Boundaries map. Zoom in on the map, finding your address and see which school boundary it is within.
    ~ Or determine your school by signing into Google and typing in your home address to My Places.

How to lookup an address with the Google interactive map
      Tutorial-Windows Media Player       Tutorial-Quicktime Movie
  The links above provide a video tutorial of the steps below:
      1. Click on School Boundaries map link
      2. Sign in into your Google account
      3. Save School Boundaries map to My Places
      4. Type in the address of your home - Google maps will place a tack on the map for your home
      5. Click on School Boundaries Map in your My Places - this will overlay the boundary map on your map-tacked address
      6. Zoom in as needed to determine which boundaries your home is within.


Monroe Schools - School Boundary Lookup