The Sky Valley Mission Statement:

Partnering with families and the community to education, inspire, and empower students in an innovative environment to discover and nurture their unique potential and passion so they may go confidently in the direction of their chosen future.

Our Vision:

A Learning Program Where:

  • The whole community is used as a classroom and students use the resources of, and become a resource for the community
  • Students learn how they learn and demonstrate academic success in a variety of ways
  • Knowledge is presented in a variety of formats including short-term workshops and full year academic courses for college and job-bound students
  • The educational approach reflects functional, multicultural, thematic, collaborative, and critical thinking skills that cater to individual interest and prepare students for the “Real World”
  • Students achieve long-term goals through mentoring, internships, apprenticeships, workshops, and classes
  • The year around schedule is multiage and uses community resources and a variety of technologies such as video conferencing, phone interactive communication, personal and networked computers
  • Study clubs, group projects, independent study and support for high school students embellish daily activities

With An Emphasis on Character

  • That uses an experiential curriculum built on the foundation of character development, interpersonal relations, the environmental and cultural appreciation
  • Through community service
  • By implementing curriculum standards that expect student accountability while balancing the interest of students and parents

Cultural Immersion

  • Where students learn about another culture, culminating in a trip to the country/culture to live for a period of time

A Learning Site

  • With a facility that is multi-functional, aesthetic, comfortable, and environmentally conscientious