Supporting Students' Mental Health

In the Monroe School District, we take the mental health of our 7,000+ students very seriously and believe that effective prevention is vital for the health and well-being of our students.

MHS Athletics Classification Survey

High school athletic teams in Washington state are categorized by the WIAA based on the school's average student enrollment. A school's athletic classification is reevaluated every four years. Share your input for the next classification cycle.

New Training Provided to Paraeducators

As a district, we have put a lot of time and energy this year into developing engaging, relevant and meaningful lessons for our paraeducators that align with the new standards of practice. It is our goal to support our paraeducators by equipping them with the necessary tools to be successful in their vital roles, which ultimately benefits all of our students.

2019-20 Highly Capable Program Referral Window

Any student in grade K-11 may be referred to be screened for the Highly Capable program by staff, family, community members or the students themselves. The nomination process for the Highly Capable Program is open this year from October 28th – November 8th.

Seeking Volunteers for School Start Time Committee

Over the past several years, families, students and community members have expressed an interest in having the Monroe School District reevaluate school start & dismissal times. We hear you and are working to form a committee who will explore a variety of options related to start times and potentially make recommendations for change to the school board, if deemed necessary.

Superintendent's Chats

With a goal of fostering transparent, two-way communication, Superintendent of Monroe School District, Dr. Fredrika "Deka" Smith, extends an open invitation to families for a monthly "Superintendent's Chat." The first half of the meeting will feature a speaker from the district on predetermined topics that attendees chose last school year. The second half of the meeting, family members can ask questions, provide input and share viewpoints on district procedures, practices and policies. In order to accommodate busy schedules, monthly meetings will be offered both in the morning from 10:00-11:00 a.m. and in the evening from 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Potential District Office Move

The Monroe School District Board of Directors has unanimously approved to move forward in signing a letter of intent to enter into an agreement for the potential lease and/or purchase of a property for use as a school district administrative office. The property, located at 14692 179th Ave SE in Monroe, was formerly the home of the Providence medical facility and consists of 2.84 acres of land with a 31,151 square foot building and associated parking. We have received many questions about this potential move and have addressed many of them in this article.

Updates to Elementary Reading & Math Curriculum

As we dive into the curriculum and set our sights on supporting students in meeting the Washington State Learning Standards, we wanted to let you know about some substantial updates we have made to the math and reading curriculum we use in our elementary schools.

Curriculum Night is Coming!

Curriculum night is an educational open house for parents hosted at your child's school. It takes place across all levels, including elementary, middle and high schools. Parents can expect to hear what their student will be learning this year, an outline for routines, expectations, grades, and homework, and to meet briefly with their child's teacher(s).