Family Input Needed!

Family Input Needed!

Dear Monroe School District Families,

We know this year has been very difficult, and we are developing plans to support our students as we prepare to move into the new school year. To ensure our plans meet the needs of students, we are seeking input from families on what you see as the most relevant needs of your students and feedback on our Summer Program Plan and Academic and Student Well-being Recovery Plan. We know this year has brought many surveys your way but these two surveys are very important and we thank you in advance for your participation.

Plans for Summer Program
For our 2021 summer program, we are planning to provide opportunities for students in grades PreK - 12. This program will be a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) based program, and engage students in content area learning (reading, writing, math) through STEM activities. Social-emotional learning (SEL) and team building activities, academic learning and supports will also be incorporated.

In order to provide an inclusive program, we will be co-planning this program with our Student Services Department to support students who may need additional support and recovery services, including communication and fine motor services. Learn more:

Academic and Student Well-being Recovery Plan
Each public school district in Washington State is required by the state Legislature and by Congress to create and submit an Academic and Student Well-being Recovery Plan by June 1, 2021. The goal of the plan is to identify which students and student groups need additional academic and well-being supports, define how those supports will be provided, and plan for recovery and acceleration of student learning and well-being over the summer, into the fall, and beyond.

By June 1, 2021, districts must submit their plans via an online form to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). OSPI has provided a series of required questions to which districts must respond. The form with responses to these questions is the formal plan that we submit to OSPI.

You can find the draft version of our Academic and Student Well-Being Recovery for the Monroe School District here.

Family Feedback
After reviewing our Summer Program and Academic and Student Well-being Recovery Plans, please submit your feedback: by June 4, 2021. This survey also asks for your input on what you see as the most relevant needs of your students.

Student Well-being Survey
One of the required components of the Student Recovery and Well-being Plan is to assess the well-being of our students, including mental health and social-emotional learning, and plan interventions and support accordingly. To gather this data, we will be leveraging our partnership with BrightBytes, an educational research organization, to survey students and families on climate, including the safety, discipline, physical and learning environments in our schools. You may remember that we surveyed staff, families and students in the fall through BrightBytes and will be comparing that data to the data we are collecting now to help us determine steps we can take to improve the school experience for all of our learners.

All of your responses will remain anonymous to protect your privacy. The survey will take families approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Students will be taking the survey in class.

Directions to Complete the Survey:
We are asking that families fill out the survey once, for each school your student(s) attend. We will be collecting responses through June 4, 2021.

  1. Open the survey here:
  2. As a parent/guardian, click on "Parents"
  3. Select the school your student attends
  4. Start the survey

Thank you again for your support!