Inclement Weather Procedures for 2020-21

Inclement Weather Procedures for 2020-21

Now that winter is upon us, we wanted to remind you of our inclement weather procedures. Even though it is an unusual school year, we will be upholding our typical inclement weather procedures just as any other school year. This means that if road conditions are deemed unsafe, we will be delaying or canceling school for that day. Canceled school days may need to be made up at the end of the school year. These days are included on our published calendars as "snow make up" days.

While the majority of our students are currently in a distance learning model, we have many staff and students reporting to our buildings every day. Buses are running daily, transporting our preschool, kindergarten and other small groups of students to and from school; many of our teachers continue to work onsite in order to utilize district technology & internet; and many more employees report to work daily in order to provide necessary services to students. Our top priority is always the safety of staff and students when making decisions related to inclement weather and upholding our typical procedures will allow us to keep staff and students safe in the event of unsafe road conditions.

We recognize that canceled school days may disrupt family schedules and that the school year may have to be extended. The decision to close schools in the event of inclement weather is not an easy one and many factors are taken into consideration when making such a decision. It is important to understand that the road conditions of our entire district are taken into account when a delay or closure decision is made. The roads in one part of our district may be clear while other areas are struggling with snow and/or ice and we are unable to close some schools in the district while leaving other schools open.

How the decision to delay or close schools is made:

To help make the best possible decision, weather forecasts are consistently monitored and district staff drive our bus routes to evaluate road and parking lot conditions. We make every effort to make decisions regarding closings or delays in the evening, understanding that parents need time to make arrangements for the following day. However, if the forecast is uncertain and still developing, we wait to get the latest forecast and assess actual road conditions early in the morning. Morning decisions will be announced by 5 a.m. Additionally, if a delayed opening has been announced the night before, and the forecast or conditions worsen overnight, we may need to update the status in the morning and announce that all schools will be closed for the day.

Depending on the winter weather conditions, one of the following four options is decided:

  • Schools start on time (no messages will be shared)
  • Schools start on time with limited bus service
  • Schools start two hours late (no a.m. preschool, no out-of-district transportation) - a delay would only be utilized if/when students and staff return to full days of in-person learning
  • Schools are closed (When schools are closed, all after school activities and evening facility use are also canceled.)

If schools are delayed or closed, information will be shared through the following communication channels:

  • Email and robocall: An email and automated phone call will go out to all staff and families. Please make sure your contact information is up to date in Family Access to ensure you receive these notifications. Families who have 'unsubscribed' from district emails and/or automated calls will not receive these notifications.
  • Text message: A text message will be sent only to those families who have opted-in to receive texts from the district. Learn how to opt-in here.
  • District website: A message will be posted to the front page of our district website.
  • Social media: Messages will be posted to the district Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.
  • School schedule hotline: 360-804-2950

We will not send or post messages if schedules are normal. No news means that schools are open.

If other area school districts and colleges are closed, this may impact the schedules of our Sno-Isle and Running Start students.

Snow bus routes are posted on the district website, here.

If you have questions, please contact the district administration office at 360-804-2500.