MHS Athletic Spectator Update 3/24/21

MHS Athletic Spectator Update 3/24/21

Dear students and families:

Thank you all for your patience while we worked out the details in adjusting our spectator plan as we enter phase 3 of the Governor's reopening plan. Now that the plan has been approved by all involved, I'm pleased to announce an expansion of our spectator capacity at home team Varsity events.

For now, we will continue the process of providing paper tickets to our student-athletes to distribute to family members. It cannot be emphasized enough that this ticket is REQUIRED for entry - please make sure you have the proper ticket when attending events (tickets are marked with dates and locations). For the Class of 2021 student lottery mentioned below, a pass list will be held at the gate and students must provide a form of identification.

Starting on 3/25/21 ticket prioritization will be as follows:

  • Four passes per home team senior Varsity participant
  • If applicable, two passes per home team senior cheerleader and senior band
    • Note: senior band parents may rotate depending on number of participants
  • The remaining available passes will be filled in the following order until phase 3 capacity is reached:
    • Two passes per home team 11th grade Varsity participant
    • Class of 2021 students
      • Lottery system managed by MHS Athletics
    • Two passes per home team 10th grade Varsity participant
    • Two passes per home team 9th grade Varsity participant

This opportunity comes with tremendous responsibility. As a public school we are charged with putting health and safety first, and we cannot allow any behavior that may jeopardize our ability to reopen schools and keep them open safely. Consistent with the MSD COVID-19 Safety Plan, we have developed the following rules and expectations for all indoor and outdoor athletic events:

  • Spectator admission/attendance recorded via REQUIRED attestation/pass or pass list
  • Spectators will be required to arrive at designated times only
  • Spectators will be required to enter and exit from specified locations
  • Spectators will be required to wear a mask/face covering at all times
  • All spectators must maintain a 6' social distance at all times inside stadiums and gyms. While members of the same household do not need to maintain distance, ALL STUDENTS MUST MAINTAIN A 6' DISTANCE FROM EACH OTHER WHILE AT AN EVENT, INCLUDING SIBLINGS FROM THE SAME HOUSEHOLD.
  • Bleachers will be marked, and students must remain in their assigned spots during the event.
  • Spectators will be required to leave a facility immediately when an event ends. No lingering in the facility
  • Areas outside a facility's fences are not the responsibility of the event management staff

Spectators who cannot adhere to these expectations will be asked to leave the event and may not be able to attend future events. If large numbers of spectators cannot adhere to these guidelines, MSD will re-evaluate its ability to welcome spectators to future athletic events.

We are excited to be welcoming our students back to campus for academics, athletics, and activities, but our ability to do this depends on every student taking personal responsibility for their actions and partnering with school staff to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for everyone. As we continue our march toward reopening, we appreciate your help in proving that we can do this in a safe manner to keep our kids competing in the sports they love. Thank you for working with us to that end.


Jeannette Siemers
MHS Athletic Director