MSD Bargaining Update 8/31/18

MSD Bargaining Update 8/31/18

Beginning in May, the Monroe School District (MSD) has participated in good faith bargaining with the Monroe Education Association (MEA) with the mutual goal of negotiating a contract honoring educators for their valuable work with Monroe's students. MSD highly values our educators and remains committed to providing fair and competitive pay for all of our staff.

We believe the proposal presented to the Monroe Education Association (MEA) this week provides competitive salaries while maintaining critical services and unique programming that our students deserve. Our proposal ensures the long term financial stability of the district which is a commitment of the School Board and our duty to the MSD taxpayers. You can view the proposal here.

The hard working bargaining teams have made good progress on many issues of common interest and on the difficult budget and compensation issues that confront us. While there has been much progress and tentative agreements have been made on the majority of topics, the bargaining teams are continuing to negotiate the total increase to teacher pay.

The MEA general assembly (all MEA members) authorized a strike if a tentative agreement is not reached. The Monroe School District has not received an official notification of MEA's intent to strike. The MSD bargaining team is highly motivated to reach an agreement and has made themselves available through the weekend for bargaining.

The topics of school funding and contract negotiations are complex issues and it is our goal to be as transparent as possible while still upholding our commitment to bargain with MEA in an honest and fair manner. We have developed a FAQ page on our website to address many of the questions you may have. We will be updating this information on a regular basis to address questions as they arise.

If there are any changes to the first day of school, extracurricular activities or back to school events, we will notify you via email, text and robocall.

Daily updates on the status of bargaining will available on the district website: