New SafeSchools Mobile App!

New SafeSchools Mobile App!

Safety is always our number one priority. We encourage students, parents/guardians, volunteers and staff to report all safety concerns to any of our staff members or to submit concerns via Safe Schools Alert, our safety tip reporting system.

The SafeSchools Alert System allows our students, staff, faculty and parents to anonymously and securely submit safety tips regarding bullying, harassment, mental health, threats of violence and safety concerns to our administration team 24/7 via phone, web, text, or email. In addition, SafeSchools recently launched a convenient mobile app that will now allow any concerned individual to report a concern to us even easier!

SafeSchools Alert Mobile Application Download Instructions

Please go to the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android and download the free SafeSchools Alert Mobile App:

1. Search for the SafeSchools Alert Mobile App in the App Store or Google Play.

2. Select "Download" to add the free app to your mobile device.

3. The first time you open the app, you'll be asked to submit our district's four-digit code: 1003 in order to connect your tip submissions to our district team.

4 After the code is submitted, you'll be asked to confirm your district's name: Monroe School District.

4. Once the district name is confirmed, you'll see the modules that are available to submit tips through (e.g. bullying, safety, violence).

5. You'll see a confirmation page after submission to confirm that your tip was successfully submitted.

6. Any tips that are submitted will automatically be routed to the appropriate administrators.

7. If we send any messages or replies to your tip, you will automatically receive a push notification.

Every concern that is reported in the system immediately notifies our administrators so they can investigate and take appropriate action. Reports may be filed anonymously through this system. The more information we are provided with, however, the easier it is for us to address concerns in a timely manner.

Thanks for helping to keep our district safe and connected!