School Board Director Jason Hutchinson Resigns

School Board Director Jason Hutchinson Resigns

After over four years of service on the Monroe School District Board of Directors, Jason Hutchinson has resigned from his position as Director of District 1 to pursue a business ownership opportunity with his family in his hometown of Walla Walla. While on the Board, Jason served as Board Vice President and WIAA representative.

Jason has lived in the Monroe community with his family for 15 years. He has been an active community member, serving on the Board of the Monroe Public School Foundation and has spent many baseball seasons coaching his sons' teams. Jason and his family are excited about the move back to Walla Walla and to embark on a new business adventure.

At Jason's final Board meeting on May 29, 2018, staff and fellow Board members tearfully recognized his many years of service and dedication to the school district. "We started at the same time and learned this job together," said Director President Darcy Cheesman. "I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your insight, wisdom and calmness. You are going to be missed. Whoever walks into your role next will have big shoes to fill as you have brought a lot to this district."

Former Board member, Katy Woods, who retired from the Board earlier this year was in attendance to send him off and wish him well. "I came to honor you because you have done such a great job and you brought a different perspective by having a wife who is a teacher in the district. You are going to be very missed. I appreciate all of the time and sacrifice from your family that you put in to this role."

"Having Jason on the board has been a great support at every single turn," added Superintendent Dr. Fredrika Smith. "I appreciate our honest conversations and would like to thank you for bringing me into to the Monroe School District."

"Of all the accomplishments that I can look back on while serving on the Board, I think that being a part of hiring Dr. Smith was one of the best," said Director Hutchinson in his final message. "I don't know if everyone realizes how good of a job she is doing but if everybody will just get behind her vision I think this district will go a long way. She is really good at her job."

With Jason's departure, the Board is working on the steps for the application process to fill his seat on the Board of Directors.