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School Board Director Nancy Truitt Pierce Steps Down

School Board Director Nancy Truitt Pierce Steps Down

After eight years of dedicated service on the Monroe School Board of Directors, Nancy Truitt Pierce has resigned from her position as Director District 2. Director Truitt Pierce's elected term was due to expire at the end of November 2019 and she had not planned to run for re-election.

Truitt Pierce had hoped to finish out her entire term, but as her and her husband began making plans to begin a new chapter of their lives, they decided to move out of the area earlier than originally planned. According to board policy, school board directors must live within the school district's boundaries while serving on the board and therefore, Truitt Pierce had to step down from her position one month early. Her position will remain vacant through November until one of the two current candidates is elected to the open seat. The newly elected director will join the board in early December.

At Truitt Pierce's final board meeting on October 28, 2019, staff and fellow board members recognized her many years of service and dedication to the school district. As the board member serving alongside Truitt Pierce the longest, Director Darcy Cheesman said, "What I love most about you is your passion for this work. You are a strong advocate and you've been an asset to this community because of your passion and advocacy. Thank you for all of your work."

When Truitt Pierce was elected to the school board 2011, her primary goal was to make our community proud of its schools. Reflecting on the last eight years, Truitt Pierce said, "We have done great things in the last eight years, people have heard about it and I think they are much more proud of our schools now."

Truitt Pierce is well known for her belief in providing alternative educational pathways for students and her advocacy for education with the state legislature. She has served as a legislative representative for Monroe School District and for the Washington State School Directors' Association (WSSDA). And though she will no longer be serving on a school board, Truitt Pierce plans to stay actively involved in advocating for education with the state legislature.

As her final board meeting in Monroe came to a close, Truitt Pierce said to her fellow board members, "I've been happy to serve with all of you and I know you will continue to good things for our kids."