Update to In-Person Learning

Update to In-Person Learning

Dear Monroe School District community,

Throughout the last few days, the Monroe School District (MSD) Board of Directors has met in closed sessions regarding bargaining with the Monroe Education Association (MEA). During these conversations, there was much discussion on the current timeline for transitioning first-grade students to our hybrid learning model. Today, the MSD Board of Directors has authorized a delay of the return of first-grade students to a hybrid learning model by one day, Tuesday, November 17th. Out of an abundance of caution, the Board has directed district staff to spend the days leading up to Tuesday ensuring the robust district safety plans are being implemented in our schools as intended.

The Board of Directors has made a commitment of equitable access to all students in the Monroe School District and firmly believes this decision upholds that commitment. The Board knows that the best learning environment for the students of the Monroe School District is in-person, in our schools. The Board feels strongly that all students in the Monroe School District deserve the opportunity to return to in-person learning when the conditions permit.

The Monroe School District appreciates the interaction and engagement with MEA and looks forward to continued conversations. In addition, the Board of Directors and the Monroe School District administration will continue to closely monitor Snohomish Health District and state leadership guidance specific to COVID-19. As recently as yesterday, the Snohomish Health District has continued to support K-12 schools with the implementation of hybrid learning plans:

"Some want much more in-person learning than is occurring, and others much less. I have no data or words to offer that can close that gap," said Dr. Spitters. "What I can tell you is that current countermeasures in place in our K-12 schools here and elsewhere appear to be working to prevent transmission in those settings. The Washington State Department of Health and OSPI also continue to support the gradual, phasing in limited in-person learning for young students and children with special needs—even in the current environment of high transmission in communities."

We will continue to provide updates as information changes.