Weekly Message from the Acting Superintendent 6/17

Weekly Message from the Acting Superintendent 6/17

Dear Monroe School District Community–

At last Saturday's Monroe High School graduation ceremony, Eva Newkirk, the student speaker selected by the MHS senior class of 2022, spoke to peers about their journey over the last few years. She spoke of the pandemic being a gift in disguise because it forced students to be self-reflective. "We were forced to get to know the only company we had, our authentic selves." What an amazing skill to be able to look at something so dark for so many and find something of value to take away from the experience. Eva Newkirk's words were inspiring. I encourage you all to reflect on how the pandemic, and everything that came with it, helped us understand our authentic selves.

These last few years have been difficult, to say the least. I want to thank all of the Monroe School District educators, all of the people in our schools working with students, who went above and beyond to ensure they could give students their best under incredibly trying circumstances. I know that this dedication was sometimes a great expense to themselves. There will never be enough words to thank you for all you have done and I hope we won't have to ask this of you ever again. Thank you.

I also want to thank the district office staff and school support staff for all they have done to support schools through this time and especially this past year. You have worked tirelessly to ensure that our schools got the support they need, kept our buildings clean and operational, provided nutritious meals, and transported students safely. As I reflect on what we have gone through and what we have still accomplished, I am proud. Without exception, you have risen to the occasion and proved over and over your commitment to the students and staff of Monroe. Thank you.

These past few months added another layer of stress and complexity to the work we do in the Learning and Teaching Department. There is no way I would have been able to fill in as Acting Superintendent without district and school leadership stepping up and supporting me, the staff, and the work we do. A special thank you goes to the Learning and Teaching Department: Cheri, Kayla, DeAnn, Niall, Melissa, and Shannon, who took on additional responsibilities and remained positive and steadfast in their pursuit to make sure we provided the best learning opportunities for our students and staff. Thank you.

Next week is our last week of learning for the 2021-2022 school year and this will be my final communication as Acting Superintendent. Next year I will be returning full-time to my Chief Academic Officer position, supporting the student and adult learning in our community. This work is a passion of mine and I am looking forward to continuing to bring excitement to the work we all love, supporting the learning of our students.

Thank you to our whole community for the patience and grace you have shown me. I'll see y'all next fall!


Kim Whitworth
Chief Academic Officer