Thought Exchange Results on the SP&O Levy

Thought Exchange Results on the SP&O Levy

We are grateful that 952 people participated in our first ThoughtExchange. We asked what we could learn from the outcome of the recent levy election, and participants shared 703 thoughts and 42,124 ratings.

Thank you for your participation!


We have read every thought shared through the exchange. A presentation of the results was shared with the school board on April. If you missed it, you can view the slide presentation here and the video recording of the presentation here.

Results of this exchange clearly show us that you share a desire for more accountability and transparency in order for us to earn your trust. We hear you and we will be working toward this as an organization as we move forward together.

One of our first steps towards more transparency has been to post answers to questions and frequently mentioned topics from the exchange on our website, which you can view here.

Again, thank you for your time and participation and we look forward to continued engagement and partnership.