December 2022 Employee Honor Roll

December 2022 Employee Honor Roll

Congratulations to these amazing staff members who were nominated in December for their above-and-beyond service to our students, staff, families, and community. Please join us in thanking them for their exceptional service!

One employee from each employee category (Certificated, Classified, and Administrator) is selected each month by the Superintendent's Executive Cabinet as the Employees of the Month. These employees will be announced in a separate news article.


Melissa Hritsko
Teacher at Frank Wagner Elementary
Melissa is part of the amazing First Grade Dual Language team.  I love the way she loves the students and is positive with the parents about their strengths and what they can work on.  We are very lucky to have had her in our district for such a long time and be someone who is able to help new teachers gain footing in their new classrooms.  This only helps the educational success for each student that enters their classroom. 

Jasmine Johnson
Teacher at Frank Wagner Elementary
Jasmine is part of the amazing First Grade Dual Language team.  She has executed her first few months of teaching in a new school with finesse and her students have gained so much strength and confidence with their Spanish skills.  Not only that but she is very sweet with the students and makes them feel safe and recognized as individuals. 

Susanna Jones
Teacher at Sky Valley Education Center
Susanna is just one of those people who is always smiling, always helping, and ALWAYS contributing to our school in positive ways! Without Susanna there would be no Yearbook, no ASB, no Art and Science Fair, no SVEC Sweatshirts....she has her hand in so many critical things at SVEC! Susanna is always willing to help out a colleague with a special project or poster need, or t-shirt project. And she is always willing to help celebrate milestones with us too, and sing a song to a retiring employee or celebrate them with special SVEC "swag."

Cletus Kinney 
Teacher at Park Place Middle School
Mr. Kinney is a phenomenal math teachers at PPM. He is patient, kind, and knows solid math instruction!  Kids participate and grow at high levels; and he ensures all voices are heard. Mr. Kinney has also been known to host an after school 6th grade running club, in the past,  to share his love of running. Thank you Mr. Kinney for all you do for PPM math learners. 

Courtney Edelsward
Teacher at Park Place Middle School
Ms. Edelsward's commitment to PPM learners is exemplified by her long time service at Park Place. She has been instrumental in the success of math co-teaching at Park Place, and supporting high levels of math instruction for our special education students. Her patience, sense of humor, and ability to build & sustain strong relationships with students and families is felt on many levels. Thank you Ms Edelsward for all you do for our PPM learners. 

Lucile “Lu” Townley 
School Psychologist at Fryelands & Salem Woods Elementary
Lucile, or "Lu" is new to Monroe this year, but has already jumped in and given 100% to the job. She advocates for students daily while educating other staff members about best practice, data driven decision making, and our legal rights and responsibilities. She has created strong teams and processes to support student and teacher learning. Lu is approachable, hard working, positive, brave, and resilient. She exemplifies everything that MPS values.


Steve Blanton 
Lead Custodian at Park Place Middle School
Mr. Steve (as the students call him) is a long time fixture at PPM. He takes great pride in a facility that is often showcased to the community; and seeks to always find solutions that have students at the heart. It is not infrequent to hear " Hi Mr Steve" shouted across the building as students greet him walking into school. He is present, proactive, and seeks to make our facility accessible and comfortable for all. Thanks Steve for all you do for our PPM learners and community.

Jennifer Jacobs 
Health Room Assistant at Park Place Middle School
As our health room paraeducator, Ms. Jacobs is front and center for so much of the 'happenings' at Park Place. Continuously monitoring and shifting through COVID regulations, to health plans, to daily monitoring of the health room keeps her super busy. Her infectious positive attitude, excellent communication with families, and relationships with students makes her an invaluable asset for Park Place. Thank you Jennifer - for all you do!


Joel Garrison
Assistant Principal and Middle Level Athletic Director at Park Place Middle School
Joel has been a longtime fixture in Monroe - as a student, teacher at MHS, Principal at Monroe Middle, and Assistant Principal at Monroe Middle School, Monroe Junior High, and now Park Place Middle. But this recognition is as Middle Level Athletic Director. For many years, he has sought to provide a program that supports HUNDREDS of students EVERY season (and there are 4 of them) for both PPM and Hidden River. COVID added a definite layer of complexity; and since then no easier. He interviews, hires, and evaluates over 40 coaches per year, coordinates games, matches, and events, manages med kits, equipment, field set up (take down), additional adults to supervise and run clocks/scoreboards, works with transportation and officials. The duties are never ending and Mr Garrison receives little recognition for this ENORMOUS position. AND he continues to support PPM as an exceptional Assistant Principal. Thank you Joel for pushing to make these opportunities available for hundreds of middle schoolers each year! We know that providing these places for kids in our community is invaluable. 

Adam Denney 
Director of Facilities
Nomination #1:
I just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU from all of us here at Sky Valley! We have spent years hearing "no;" years hearing all the reasons why things don't get spruced up here at our school, and since your arrival you have given us hope and showed us kindness. We love our painted doors, you are quick to respond to issues we have, you are thoughtful and thorough, you graciously acknowledge our facility needs some TLC, and just knowing those portables might be out of here this school year is the most incredible news ever! You are phenomenal, and everyone here at Sky Valley is a big fan!

Nomination #2: Adam has been amazing with our school!! From day one on the job he has treated our school with such respect.  He listens to our concerns and does his very best to help in any way he can.  We are all so thankful he has come to MSD!  Adam is a class act:)

Nomination #3: Adam hit the ground running in this position and set out to learn each of the facilities and the needs. He listens well, is solutions oriented, practical and caring.  He truly wants to serve the MSD community. Sky Valley Education Center is an older facility.  Adam  discerned  the highest priorities there and which projects would have the biggest impact on both safety and staff morale. We are so encouraged by Adam's leadership in the facilities department and the projects he has set in motion here. It has truly been a bright spot for us. We are grateful for Adam Denney's leadership.

Melanie Gray
Principal at Salem Woods Elementary
Melanie truly cares for every child and staff member at Salem Woods Elementary! She demonstrates that daily in a variety of areas. When it snowed, she was found outside before the sun appeared, shoveling the sidewalks. What an amazing way to demonstrate what she says about caring about all our safety! 

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