Expansion of Highly Capable Excel Program to Include 3rd-Grade

Highly Capable Excel Program Expansion

We are pleased to share that, after careful consideration, we will be expanding our highly-capable Excel program at Salem Woods Elementary to include 3rd-grade students who qualify for the program for the 2024-25 school year. This program has traditionally only been offered to students in 4th and 5th-grade, depending on the number of students that qualify for the program each year. 

Next year, we have enough students who have qualified for the program to have a 5th-grade Excel class. We had a limited number of 4th-grade students qualify for the Excel program, and in an effort to meet their needs and the needs of our highest 3rd-grade highly capable learners, we will be adding a 3rd/4th-grade split class in addition to the 5th-grade class. We understand the importance of providing a self-contained experience for these students, and this expansion aims to meet their needs effectively.

Letters with further details about the Excel classroom at Salem Woods will be sent to families of qualifying 3rd and 4th-grade students by Wednesday, March 6th. Please be aware that only families with students offered placement will receive these letters with details on how to accept services.

We are thrilled about this opportunity for our students and remain committed to maintaining the Excel program to meet the needs of our highly capable students. Thank you for your continued support.

Chris Cronas
Executive Director,
Elementary Education & Categorical Programs


Sandra Monson
Teacher on Special Assignment
Highly Capable Coordinator