February 2023 Employee Honor Roll

February 2023 Employee Honor Roll

Congratulations to the 26 amazing staff members who were nominated in February for their above-and-beyond service to our students, staff, families, and community. Please join us in thanking them for their exceptional service!


Amy Fields
2nd Grade Teacher at Salem Woods Elementary
She's been an absolute saint with my son and his classmates. Very good at keeping parents up to date on everything. I love helping out in her class!

Shawna Clark
Kindergarten Teacher at Salem Woods Elementary
I am so thankful my son has Mrs. Clark for kindergarten. She always goes above and beyond for the kids and ALWAYS has a smile on her face. When she and Mr. Clark attended my son's basketball game I was reminded how special and lucky we are to have her. What a wonderful thing for my son to begin his school career with such an engaged teacher. I hope they all live up to her standard from here on up! Thank you Mrs. Clark! 

Tyana McCammon
SLC Teacher at Hidden River Middle School

Tyana takes feedback and incorporates it quickly into her student learning. She asks questions and ensures her whole team is applying the techniques and strategies into their learning. The HRMS SLC team are model teams for AAC use and they've made my time subbing there incredible! 

Megan Wilson 
Music Teacher at Maltby Elementary
Megan is new to Maltby this year and has worked hard to promote a love of music for all students. She engages with our SLC students in a way that gets them directly involved. She tailors expectations to each individual student ensuring they all get the opportunity to feel successful. She embraces the different needs of all students and views them as strengths so no one feels left out while in her classroom. We are so happy she has joined the Maltby family!

Amanda Wilber
Speech Language Pathologist at Maltby Elementary
Amanda works hard to advocate for her students and make sure they all get what they need to be successful while at school. She goes above and beyond to write grants to get students devices at home and makes sure parents and families are trained on how to best use them. She spends time educating and answering questions of paras and teachers to make sure everyone on the team is on the same page and understands how to implement the use of AAC devices. She works really hard to do all she can so that her students progress and become as independent as possible with communication. 

Shamus Neary
Teacher at Sky Valley Education Center
Nomination #1: He dedicates so much time and energy to help all of his students succeed. He is kind and thoughtful and caring beyond any teacher I have ever had work with my four kids. My 8th grade son has been inspired to learn like never before. He is excited for school because this teacher makes it fun and he is learning so much. 

Nomination #2: Shamus is the most dedicated and helpful teacher that Monroe has ever had. He strives to impart true education by forcing his students to think for themselves, problem solve, brainstorm and use logic. There are no new age shortcuts in the Neary classroom. While Shamus is more than willing to offer any support a student needs, students sink or swim on their own merit. We desperately need more teachers like Shamus (and Dylan Neary). Shamus is worthy of praise, recognition, increased salary, whatever it takes to keep him in the classroom.

Nomination #3: Shamus is a role model most teachers in MSD should follow. Shamus pushes students to do well in class so they can succeed in their adult life.

Nomination #4: He is an excellent teacher and cares so much for the students.

Nomination #5: Gives 150% to the kids. Always available to give extra help to the kids outside of their normal class time. Engages the kids in learning and motivates them to go above and beyond. 

Roy Mishra 
Digital Learning Teacher at Park Place Middle School
PPM shares Mr. Mishra with MHS - but what an impact he is making for our students, staff, and community!  He is collaborative with teaching staff working with classes, to ensure high levels of learning incorporating digital learning skills; he promotes (along with Mrs. Diamond) an inclusive and safe space for ALL in our library setting, and most recently spearheaded a project - with Mrs. Diamond - for ALL Pumas to create messages of kindness to be delivered to Regency Care residents (of Monroe) . The response from our students was overwhelming - so MANY were also delivered to a similar resident facility in Marysville. Thank you Roy for promoting inclusivity, kindness, and care in so many places here at Park Place! 

Emma Junk
Substitute Teacher at Sky Valley Education Center
Because she is extremely kind and tries her hardest with what little information and help that was given.

Maura Hartway
Science Teacher at Park Place Middle School
Mrs. Hartway has worked to instill a love of science in students at Park Place for over a decade. In addition, her work in the 'whole child' in middle school does not go unnoticed. She partners with staff, families, to help students learn better strategies for self advocacy, reflection, and accountability. Thank you Maura for all you do for the Park Place community!

Jenica Schieb 
Counselor at Leaders in Learning
I nominate Jenica because she has really encouraged me to graduate. I thought I wasn’t going to graduate on time because I thought I was behind in credits but I talked to Jenica and she planned out my second semester and my entire senior year while I'm a Junior. She motivated me to finish my work while I was going to give up on my first semester but I passed all my classes because she motivated me and told me what I had to do to graduate. She also quickly checked up on me whenever I’d see her around. Overall she is a really kind person with a great heart. 

Samuel Adams
English Teacher at Monroe High School
Samuel Adams has always been an outstanding teacher, paradigmatic of all that Monroe High School strives to be. He is encouraging, kind, flexible, efficient, and fun. He has never once wavered in his dedication towards the art of reading, and vociferously supports "reading for fun time" which is not shut down and started up at his capricious behest, but consistent and reliable. Fifteen minutes are set aside every day in the pursuit of recreational reading, which often transitions into something more like twenty five if he finds his book particularly enjoyable on any given day. He is a paragon of every virtue Monroe claims to be, and single-handedly validates our conviction in life-long learning. Cheers to Mr. Adams.

Rick Rathman
PE Teacher at Maltby Elementary
Mr. Rathman always looks for ways to increase engagement and provide opportunities for ALL students to actively participate in PE class.  The minute students enter the gym, they are moving the entire 40 minutes and leave sweaty, exhausted, and happy.  The most impressive change Mr. R has brought to PE at MBE is the work he has done for students from our Structured Learning Class (SLC).  He gathered resources for students to do "heavy work" that includes ropes, weighted balls, tumbling mats, a crash pad, and more.  After students have done the heavy work, they do some breathing and stretching.  By implementing this routine, students from the two SLC classrooms are better able to focus on the skills and instruction that follows the heavy work that Mr. R has designed.  The gym is full of joy, laughter, and students moving!  We are grateful that Mr. R is at Maltby Elementary!

Amber Newman 
Counselor at Maltby Elementary
We are so lucky to have Amber at Maltby Elementary.  She offers empathy and listening skills to build relationships with students. As a counselor, Amber has had the chance to change people’s lives, help them navigate the challenges they have faced, and equip them with the tools they need to move forward. Our students adore her and love her presence. It is incredible what she has done for students and families. Everyone needs an AMBER in their school.


Brenda Renteria
Career Center Specialist at Monroe High School
The MHS Counselors would like to enthusiastically nominate Brenda Renteria, MHS Career Center Specialist, for Honor Roll.  Since joining our school team Brenda has been actively working to engage our under represented and first generation students.  She not only works with students on their college and career plans but their overall well being as young adults.   You will often see her working one-on-one with students, facilitating college and career groups, arranging ASVAB testing, presenting at the Parent Hub and working with families in support of their teen's post-secondary plans.  To date, she has connected with 83% of our Seniors on their post-secondary plans, amazing.   Beyond all of this, Brenda has created a welcoming and supportive space where ALL students are represented and where ALL can thrive.  She is not only an asset to the Monroe School District but an exemplary role model for our students. 

Carlos Elles 
District-wide Hispanic Liaison 
Carlos Elles is the Monroe School Districts largest gem.  He knows the backgrounds of so many of our families.  You can simply say the word "Carlos" and families instantly know he is a safe place and a trusted person.  He is kind, patient, non-judgmental and will offer a lot of gratitude towards his co-workers.  Carlos is also a natural coach for other staff in guiding them to working with families in our district.  He believes in parents and guardians being able to be empowered and advocate for themselves and their students.  One of his most genuine characteristics is his inclusive outlook. 

Ray McLeese
Bus Driver 
Ray has a high level of care, support, and enthusiasm whenever interacting with staff or students. He supports special needs students, helping with their physical and emotional needs while simultaneously getting them to and from school. He ensures every student starts their day off with a smile and ends their day with a smile and this positivity helps everyone start and end their day right. He is an incredible and essential part of the district team and we hope he knows how beloved he is to staff and students alike. 

Elise McKee
SLC Paraeducator at Hidden River Middle School
Elise has taken on the use and modeling of a student's AAC device so the student can thrive with it. She's been trained in the system previously and is doing an incredible job with sing those skills to support this student. She's learned his needs, helped him grow with his device, and helps to keep him more engaged in learning than I've ever seen before. Thank you Elise!

Rebecca Martin
SLC Paraeducator at Maltby Elementary
Rebecca works hard to meet all of the needs of the students in the classroom she supports. She meets the kids where they are and intervenes in an empathetic and compassionate way when behaviors arise. She works hard to support her students while balancing that with giving them opportunities to practice their independence. The Maltby team is lucky to have her!

Sam Gunter
Paraeducator at Salem Woods Elementary
Sam is dedicated, flexible, caring and organized. She has exceptional communication skills and an ability to advocate for students. Sam consistently supports students in positive ways, all day every day. She works with many students who have high emotional and/or behavioral needs and always, always keeps a smile on her face. She is a key member of my team and is appreciated by all of the staff at SWE!  Thank You Sam!!

Myron Robinson
PBS Paraeducator at Park Place Middle School
Nomination #1: Myron does an outstanding job with our students. He is well liked and respected by all students. Students enjoy talking to him and he is a positive role model to have in our school. Myron challenges our students to be their best and do their best. We are lucky to have him!

Nomination #2: Myron makes such an impact on our students.  He is super honest and firm which leads to the stability and trust that so many students don't know that they need.  Students really look up to him and he is a very welcome part of their lives. 

Athena McAlarney
Paraeducator at Park Place Middle School
Athena is an amazing part of any school team she works with.   There is no better person to work with students with individual needs and getting them back on an even keel than Athena.  She is good natured, responsive and is willing to engage in new activities with students as she is truly working alongside them.   We are so lucky to have her!

Dawn Macauley
Bus Driver 
Dawn cares deeply for all students that are in her care while on her bus.  She takes the time to get to know the students, provides books for them to read while riding the bus, and communicates to families when needed to ensure students are safe on the bus.  Everyday, Dawn shows kindness and compassion to students.  She goes above and beyond for the students and families in MSD!  Thank you Dawn.

Loni Geyer
Office Support at Chain Lake Elementary
Loni provides a welcoming environment for students, families and staff every day at Chain Lake Elementary School. She demonstrates her dedication to providing a positive environment with her warm smile and willingness to go above and beyond to help everyone. 

Sarah Tucker 
Athletic Support at Monroe High School
We have had some turnover in the MHS office and have had a difficult time finding a replacement for the ASB/Financial Secretary Job. Sarah has been incredible to partner with me and get this job covered - AND ORGANIZED - while it's open. She is meticulous, articulate, and has an incredible work ethic. Sarah is so valuable at MHS. I appreciate her more than she could possibly know.

Kelsey Osness 
Attendance Support at Monroe High School
Kelsey has been amazing - helping pick up the pieces while we have some turnover in the office at MHS.  She has taken on the task of all Discipline entry, on top of her own primary task of Attendance.  Kelsey is fun and happy and always bubbly here in the office and keeps us all smiling and laughing.  Kelsey is a wonderful addition to MHS this year.  She has an incredible work ethic and is very good at what she does.  She is articulate and meticulous in her work.  We love her energy.


Tanya Brinck 
Assistant Principal at Park Place Middle School
Tanya brings so much experience from her past roles to our school and district. We are excited to be a part of the Equity Team she is leading at Park Place that has both parents and staff collaboration. Her strengths are talking with middle schoolers with honesty that also provides them feedback on how they can approach situations in a more responsible way and her sweet disposition helps families feel at ease, and that they are being listened to regarding their concerns. Tanya will have an impact on each student's long-term success being a part of her school.

One employee from each employee category (Certificated, Classified, and Administrator) is selected each month by the Superintendent's Executive Cabinet as the Employees of the Month. The Employees of the Month will be announced in a separate news article.

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