January 2023 Employee Honor Roll

January 2023 Employee Honor Roll

Congratulations to these amazing staff members who were nominated in January for their above-and-beyond service to our students, staff, families, and community. Please join us in thanking them for their exceptional service!

One employee from each employee category (Certificated, Classified, and Administrator) is selected each month by the Superintendent's Executive Cabinet as the Employees of the Month. These employees will be announced in a separate news article.


Brad Beyer 
CTE Teacher at Monroe High School
Nomination #1: Brad is a passionate teacher who has invested so much into our Robotics and Engineering programs. He values each and every student and ensures they have everything they need to be successful in his classes. He has also rebooted our Robotics Club. They had an amazing first season together last year and are gearing up for this year. Brad is also forming vital relationships with community members to create strong ties with our CTE program. MSD is lucky to have him on our team. 

Nomination #2: Mr. Beyer is the Monroe High School Robotics, Aerospace Manufacturing and AP Computer Science teacher. He is extremely dedicated to the students and the programs he teaches and has created a very welcoming and positive environment and program for all students. He gives so much of his time outside of class for Robotics club and contributes to the positive and welcoming culture for all at MHS. He works intentionally to provide strong and relevant program content and activities and connects students to long term career opportunities. Mr. Beyer is simply a joy to be around and truly loves working with our students. We are so grateful to have him at MHS! 

Nomination #3: Brad selflessly gives countless hours of time and energy to lead the high school robotics teams.  He stays after school for hours every week and often on weekends to work with his team to get them ready for competition.  Last year, he volunteered his time for this work as a new teacher to MSD.  He has written and received 3 grants to help fund this team.  In addition to all the work he has done, he also pours his entire heart into the students as both an advisor and as a CTE teacher.  He truly believes in all students and seeks ways to help them access learning at high levels.  He creatively engages students in learning and allows them to have choice on how they demonstrate their learning in the classroom.  Brad is also always willing to go the extra mile for other staff members and support students outside of his program.  He is a go to person when anyone needs help. Brad is truly an asset to our district and to MHS. 

Robyn Hayashi
Social Studies Teacher at Park Place Middle School
Robyn is often referred to as a safe space for students by the students.  They appreciate the opportunities she gives them to correct their behavior in class and the coaching she provides them.  It's always a new day with Mrs. Hayashi!  As a collaborative staff member she is easy to talk to and work out supports with. 

Amy Fungone
First Grade Teacher at Fryelands Elementary
Amy is constantly going above and beyond...researching the latest in Education and putting that research into practice, sharing her knowledge with her colleagues, constantly working collaboratively with her first grade team (sharing ideas and resources), advocating for her students, constantly making sure every one of her students are successful in reaching goals, and always communicating and seeking input from families. 

Sarah Traynor
Kindergarten Teacher at Maltby Elementary
I am currently a student teacher in Mrs. Traynor's classroom.  I have learned so much in a short period of time from her example and leadership.  She cares and understands the needs of each and every student in her classroom and has the ability to seamlessly play to each student's strengths while supporting them in areas that they need extra guidance.  I'm always amazed when I see Mrs. Traynor outside of the classroom, at bus duty for example, and former students approach her, she remembers each and every single one of their names.  Her classroom is a positive environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and exploring academic interests. Mrs. Traynor has been incredibly patient and generous to me during the demonstration teaching portion of my program.  I have felt welcome from day one in her classroom.  Her patience and generosity is something I will never forget.

Tonya Colvin
Math Teacher at Leaders in Learning
I am nominating Tonya because she truly values the strengths and passions of every student. I have a student that has struggled with math for years. Two years with Tonya, and she loves math. She understands it! The way that Tonya gets to know her students and goes out of her way to go above and beyond is exceptional, she cares about students in more ways than just in her math class. She provides a safe and trusting environment for her students and parents. This is what a great teacher looks like. Tonya is appreciated very much by many of us. Please consider Tonya for the MSD Honor Roll. 

Traci Adams 
Transitional Kindergarten Teacher at Fryelands Elementary
Nomination #1: Mrs. Adams meets families where they are and ensures that everyone feels welcomed and valued to participate in their student's learning. She is creative in providing family engagement in and outside of the classroom. This year I observed a parent who works during the school day stay connected to their child's learning by having the entire class attend a virtual field trip to the parent's worksite. During this virtual trip, the parents connected and engaged with the TK class by showing the students how roads are made and answering all their questions. This is just one of several examples of Mrs. Adams soaring above and beyond to ensure family engagement at Fryelands.  Mrs. Adams, thank you for building a trusting relationship with families like mine and empowering me to partner in my child's learning. 

Nomination #2: Mrs Adams' classroom is the brightest point of our child’s day.  She has consistently communicated events and new concepts we can practice with him. 

Cali Schlichemeyer
Third Grade Teacher at Salem Woods Elementary
I have been subbing for third grade class for about 2 weeks now. Cali has been exceptionally outstanding. She would always make sure I had everything I needed for the lessons. She was always open to my questions and had also welcomed me to listen to a particular lesson I wanted to learn the best way to teach and make students understand. In the team, they treated me as their own.

Tjelle Johnson
Montessori Teacher at Maltby Elementary
Tjelle is knowledgeable, caring, and solution-oriented. When others start complaining, she will listen and redirect the conversation if it's negative about a student or provide ideas to support the team. She creates wonderful relationships within her classroom and our district is blessed to have her. 


Ken Steenis
Student Support Advocate at Hidden River Middle School
Nomination #1: The professional background Ken has brought with him to this role was really helpful for the month of December when Hidden River needed his expertise, patience and strength.  Not only was he available to help with students but also was backing staff up.  He also supports the Behavioral Health Team by checking in on co-workers and always bringing his cheerful nature but also understanding some of the intensities of the job.

Nomination #2: Our student support advocates are priceless but the way Mr. Ken develops relationships and works with teams to ensure the students feel cared for is so important. He's even making sure to build relationships with younger students so they know him before they come to middle school!

Sabrina McBride
Library Support Specialist at Frank Wagner Elementary
Sabrina is always willing to help in any possible way she can for the greater good of our school and our community.  Not only is she an excellent Library Specialist for Fryelands Elementary, she serves in other ways going above and beyond.  She makes her library literally a WARM and INVITING place for students before school and during recesses - the library is like a living room for our school.  Sabrina is also quick to help students get just right books at their interest and their instructional levels.  She helps our ML teacher get leveled book bags into the hands of each ML student so they can practice their reading at home.  Sabrina also assists with transitioning students with their after school learning clubs while staff members are finishing up crossing duties.  She is pitching in with the Hi-Cap testing as well and she helps the district with working extra-curricular sports activities at MHS while helping the band program.  She is always willing to roll her sleeves up to collaborate with teachers and with student growth and does it with a big smile!

Kelly Ward 
Paraeducator at Leaders in Learning
Nomination #1: Kelly goes above and beyond for both the students and staff to make sure everyone is set up for success. She is constantly giving people tools they need and pushing students in the direction they need to better themselves. Kelly is always thinking of new ways to help advance our students' academic careers. Everyone here at Leaders benefits from Kelly's hard work. 

Nomination #2: Kelly always goes above and beyond the call of duty to support the students here at LILHS. She not only supports students in academics, but she works to provide food, clothing, toiletries, and emotional support to all students. On top of doing all these things for the students, she is also the test coordinator for the school. This is a daunting job but she does it with ease and experience.

Shelly Oswald 
Dispatcher at Transportation
Shelly has been amazing since day one when I came on the scene.  She deals with our WEEKLY field trips.  We have more field trips than any other school in the district.  We are constantly asking her questions, making requests, and pulling her in a million directions. She has always been kind, sincere, and extremely helpful!  She is one of a kind and we should all be grateful she is a part of this district! Thank you Shelly for making my job a delight!

Shannon Maykovich
Office Support at Park Place Middle School
We love having Shannon in the main office.  She is bright, sunny and kind.  Her organization is impeccable and she is able to answer any question when asked and jump from task to task in what can be a very chaotic environment.   She is truly a great model of professionalism and positive personality. 

Karina Blanquet 
Office Support at Frank Wagner Elementary
I do believe personally the office would be an absolute mess without her! She is always so kind and caring. Karina always takes the time to get to know each child individually and know them all by name as well as parents by names! One day there was a substitute for her and my children didn't even receive their lunches. Karina never has an error even with her busy busy day and many children! She always goes above and beyond for absolutely everyone! 

Karen Ligman
Office Manager at Salem Woods Elementary
Karen is amazing! She helps hundreds of students, staff, and parents daily with a positive, helpful attitude. Her communication throughout the school and community brings everyone together and she's willing to jump in and fill whatever role is required of her to help the school run safely and effectively. Her SUPPORT is legendary. Thank you Karen for all you do!

Tami Raleigh
Transitional Kindergarten Paraeducator at Fryelands Elementary
Ms. Tami is authentic and unconditionally helps to guide all of our TK students. Tami has warmth and genuine kindness with an extraordinary amount of patience. Tami is always willing and ready to help. I have loved the opportunities when I have been able to collaborate with Tami. She is a lifelong learner furthering her education to best support all our students.. I know of at least 18 students who all appreciate Ms. Tami as much as I do. Thank you for everything you do!

Loretta Morris
Student Support Advocate
Loretta works tirelessly for our students and families in connecting them with needed support and options.  She pours her heart and soul into her job.  She is a ray of sunshine and is deeply committed to her work.  

Kim Cochran
SLC Paraeducator at Maltby Elementary
The students love Ms. Kim. She comes to the table with curiosity and compassion, which helps her support the variety of needs and makes the kids adore her!

Robyn Cypher
Super Friends Paraeducator at Maltby Elementary 
Robyn is a huge support for our Super Friends program. She helps understand needs and helps create the resources needed for our students. The students respect her and feel cared for by her and Super Friends wouldn't be the same without her. 

Dawn Squire
Paraeducator at Park Place Middle School
She knows most of the students' names and is very skilled at achieving compliance to the school rules while maintaining respect for the student's self esteem.

Quinn Vaughn
Counseling Office Support at Monroe High School
Quinn has been covering the front desk for counseling for 2 months now by herself which is definitely a 2 person job. Quinn doesn't skimp on giving the students the best support and still takes her time with each one to make them feel like MHS is a school FOR ALL & All are welcome! She has taken on responsibilities that she wasn't trained on because her "trainer" resigned, and has navigated many processes and found the answers she needs. I think she should be recognized for her service!!

Sabrina Holt
Paraeducator at Hidden River Middle School
Sabrina is an amazing woman. She has worked as a special education para for 23 years with the Monroe school district. This is her last year with the district and she will be greatly missed. Her patience and caring for the students can be witnessed in every interaction that she has with students. She has seen many students learn and grow through the district and she has shown love and respect to each one of them. So many of our students have benefited from the kindness that she has shown them. She is a great source of knowledge and knows how to react in many different situations. I wish that we could download all of the knowledge and experience within her to future employees. I wish that everyone could work in their jobs with the grace and tenderness that Mrs. Holt has extended to these kids every day of her career. Thank you so much for all that you have Mrs. Holt. We love and appreciate you beyond words. 

Clifford Blackmore
Bus Driver 
Mr. Cliff is super chill and awesome and he needs to drive bus 245 again chaise we miss him 😪

Kyra Barnhart 
BCBA at District Office
Like a superhero, Kyra is always going where the need is the greatest for her invaluable skill set. She observes and assesses disruptive student behavior, develops behavior plans collaboratively with program members and helps train staff in the best way to both prevent student behavior and react appropriately when it does occur. She has made a positive impact in nearly every single building in the Monroe School District!

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