January 2024 Employees of the Month

january employees of the month

The Monroe School District Employee Honor Roll recognition program is aimed at recognizing employees for exemplifying the Monroe School District Commitment through their service to our students, staff, families, and/or community.

Supervisors, fellow employees, parents, and community members submitted 20 nominations in December & January.

All January nominees are recognized HERE, but only one classified and one certificated staff member are selected each month as the Employees of the Month. 

Please join us in congratulating our January Employees of the Month!


Jamie Porter - Office Support at Maltby Elementary

jamie porter employee of the month january

Nomination #1:
Jamie is simply AMAZING! She is truly the face of Maltby! She is always eager to greet students, staff, and families when they enter Maltby. She has a special way of making everyone welcome who steps foot onto the Maltby campus. As a Maltby alumni, she has a lot of pride for our school. 

She ROUTINELY goes above and beyond her duties to create a fun, loving, safe place for staff and students. She is always willing to drop whatever she is doing to help a staff, student, or family member: take a kid to the sensory room for a behavioral break, cover for a teacher/staff to have a bathroom break. She even helps cover the health room when our health room staff need lunch. She was the mastermind behind our new program, Maltby Families, that after MONTHS of planning and collaborating, is being implemented in Jan 2024. 

Jamie truly exemplifies the "once a mustang, always a mustang" motto and it is very clear that she LOVES her job!! Thank you Jamie for being YOU! 

Nomination #2:
Jamie has implemented Maltby Families by organizing the whole school into families where they have a couple of students from every grade level come together to form a family.  These families will meet several times a year and stay together in the same family for their whole time at Maltby.  This helps students at Maltby feel included and have a sense of belonging.  Jamie went above and beyond coordinating the whole school and giving us an activity to do as a family.  This took a tremendous amount of time on her part making this all happen.  It goes to show how much she loves Maltby and want everyone to feel that they belong.

Nomination #3:
Jamie has implemented a inclusionary program here at Maltby called Maltby Families where students come together from every grade and class and go to someone else's classroom "the family classroom" to meet and enjoy meeting new people at school.  Part of our first "family" gathering was to create puzzle pieces that Jamie is putting together that represents everyone in the whole school.  Jamie always has a positive attitude and is always willing to help she goes above and beyond her job every day.

Nomination #4:
Jamie is an incredible asset to our Maltby staff. Recently, she has been supporting students students in so many ways, but most notably through our Maltby Families. Jamie went above and beyond organizing all of our students into groups across grade levels and classrooms as well as created a video to introduce the activity and then prepared the activity to be done in each classroom. This is above and beyond what most secretaries would do to help students feel a sense of belonging at Maltby. We are so grateful for Jamie!

Nomination #5:
Jamie is the heart of our school!  She shows compassion to every person and makes them feel as though they belong.  Jamie has had a mission to make our school a more inclusive and safe place to be- this is true for students, families, and all of the staff.  

She has spearheaded our Mustang Families and so much more.  No person works harder than her and she deserves to be recognized. She offers her time to help teachers with projects and to help support students in need.

Jamie is a true angel!

Nomination #6:
Jamie is always positive and welcoming. She works hard at knowing all students and families. She established Mustang Families and it was a huge success. I cannot thank her enough for all of her support and kindness she has shown everyone.

Nomination #7:
Jamie is always making sure all students and staff feel involved with her positive attitude and ideas to make Maltby the BEST community!

Nomination #8:
Jamie Porter is a valuable asset to the Maltby School and Community.  She wears many hats around the building, whether answering phone calls, assisting in the health room, assisting teachers who might need a little extra help, along with countless other things that make Maltby a great place to be.  She does it all with a smile, and a positive attitude.  Jamie did something special for our students by starting up our “Maltby Families” to create a belonging and togetherness.  She spent countless hours working to ensure all of our students feel safe and welcomed here at Malby.  We couldn’t be us without her!

Nomination #9:
Jamie took on an incredible idea this fall and turned it into something amazing here at Maltby.  She created Mustang Families and did all of the behind the scenes work for it.  She took her time and made all the families, the schedule, separated all of the students, printed everything and made sure everyone was included.  The day we had our first Mustang Families meeting was the most fun day I have had in my career.  The amount of joy and just spirit and togetherness that was felt through the building was in large part to all of Jamie's hard work on this project.  She went above and beyond for our school and brought us something that will make memories to last a lifetime for everyone involved. 

Nomination #10:
I am writing to nominate Jamie Porter for the classified employee award. Jamie has been an integral part of our team, and I believe that she deserves recognition for her hard work and dedication. Some examples include Maltby Families coordinator, Maltby Mustang student recognition and just filling in wherever she is needed. Jamie is an energetic and friendly individual who always goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone in the office is taken care of. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, and her positive attitude is contagious. Jamie is also an incredibly caring individual who takes the time to get to know everyone in the office. She is always there to listen and offer support when needed, and her compassion has made a real difference in the lives of many of our colleagues. Finally, Jamie is dependable and reliable. She always meets deadlines with student passes, schedules, and attendance. She is never afraid to take on new challenges. Her work ethic is truly inspiring, and she is a role model for everyone in the office.

Nomination #11:
Jamie took on a new project this year 'Maltby Families' which fosters a powerful sense of belonging by groups all staff and students into small family groups. Each group has a teacher leader and a couple students from each grade level, which allows for cross grade level friendships and connecting to other teachers/adults in the school that students may not know. Our first meeting was a huge success! Students and staff all had fabulous times connecting together. And it was all thanks to her leadership and planning. Way to go Jamie!

Nomination #12:
I've worked with Jamie for about six years now, and she is one of the most positive and gracious people I know. She greets every adult who comes in the front door with a smile, and she connects with the kids, too. Recently, she spent HOURS establishing a new program at our school: Mustang Families. This program allows every single person at Maltby the opportunity to connect with kids they wouldn't normally have the chance to connect with. Our first Mustang Families meeting was a school-wide success and the kids loved it. Jamie definitely deserves recognition for all the love and energy she brings to our school.

Nomination #13:
Jamie always goes out of her way to make connections with students. This year, she has taken on the challenge of introducing a new program to the school, Mustang Families. This program is meant to connect all students from around the school to another adult in the building. These families meet a few times a year and will be together as long as the student is still attending Maltby. Jamie not only organized the families, but she planned what the families will do, and has been working tirelessly to create a display for the school to illustrate the families. The hours of additional work was not unnoticed! Thank you, Jamie!

Nomination #14:
Jamie consistently goes above and beyond in making supportive and kind connections with our families and our students. She steps in whenever needed to support a teacher as well as all the students of our school. Her kindness is innate, and her respect for children is seen in her daily words and actions.

Nomination #15:
Jamie is an amazing member of the Maltby family. Jamie worked hard to bring Mustang Families to Maltby. She works to bring a sense of belonging to every child. Jamie continually goes above what is expected of her to do what is best for children. Thank you for being amazing!

Nomination #16:
Whether it's greeting parents with a warm smile, efficiently managing phone calls, or ensuring that students feel welcome and secure, Jamie Porter's contributions play a vital role in creating a positive and supportive environment at Maltby Elementary.

Recently, Jamie spearheaded a new initiative (Maltby Families) to increase students' sense of belonging. Thanks to her creativity, attention to detail, understanding of the needs of both students and staff, and infectious positivity about Maltby Families, the first school-wide family meeting ran so smoothly you'd think the school had been doing it for years. Her efforts went far beyond her role. She deserves recognition for this, and for being an all-around fabulous human being.

Maltby wouldn't be Maltby without Jamie Porter.

Nomination #17:
Jamie is the 1st person to greet you in the office. She's always friendly, warm & personable. She has started Maltby Families and has created a huge school puzzle together that represents students and faculty. She is a true team player & the Maltby community is fortunate to have her as an intricate part of the school community.


George Burnette - Teacher at Monroe High School

george burnette

Nomination #1:
Mr. Burnette has helped many of his students with learning. He has also helped plenty of people with their mental health. He is overall an amazing teacher who has gotten people to do their work whilst providing them with everything they could need.

Nomination #2:
Mr. George Burnette provides a learning environment that allows students to gain the curriculum knowledge needed but has also created a safe environment where students have consistently reported feeling valued, seen & heard = equitable access.

"Mr. Burnette" has been the #1 response I receive when talking to students about their favorite class & a trusted adult at school. I believe it is George's commitment to ensuring he knows the needs of students as a whole that opens equitable access to education & any additional student supports needed inside or outside of school.

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