Makerspaces: Nurturing Creativity

2024 Makespace two girls beading

Did you know all of our schools have Makerspaces for students to access? As International Creativity Month comes to an end, we’re highlighting these hubs of creativity! 

What’s a Makerspace?

These fun spaces in our schools are for students from kindergarten to twelfth grade, offering a place for exploration, innovation, and discovering their creative side.

Makerspaces accommodate a wide range of interests and are stocked with a variety of materials, projects, and activities. Examples include Spero robots, legos, robotics, art supplies, and much more! These spaces offer hands-on opportunities in science, engineering, technology, tinkering, and arts for students to design, experiment, build, and invent collaboratively.

While the schedules for Makerspaces vary across schools, most are accessible during lunch, recess, and both before and after school. Some schools even introduced special Makerspaces passes, an exciting incentive for students to take a break from their regular classes and unleash their creativity.

Why does creativity matter?

Not only is having the freedom to explore their creativity fun for students, it fosters many important skills, including:

Critical Thinking: Creative activities in Makerspaces challenge students to think critically and find innovative solutions to problems, enhancing their problem-solving skills.

Collaboration: Makerspaces promote teamwork and communication as students engage in collaborative projects, fostering social skills that extend beyond the classroom.

Hands-on Learning: Creativity thrives in hands-on experiences. Makerspaces allow students to apply classroom and world knowledge in practical, real-world situations.

Individual Expression: Makerspaces provide a unique platform for individual expression, allowing every student to showcase their creativity in ways that resonate with them.

Hats off to our library specialists for turning our makerspaces into welcoming places for our students to flex their creative muscles! Here's to countless moments of inspiration and discovery within these creative spaces in our school libraries.