October 2023 Employees of the Month

October 2023 Employees of the Month

The Monroe School District Employee Honor Roll recognition program is aimed at recognizing employees for exemplifying the Monroe School District Commitment through their service to our students, staff, families, and/or community.

Supervisors, fellow employees, parents, and community members submitted 31 nominations in the month of October

All October nominees are recognized HERE, but only one classified and one certificated staff member are selected each month as the Employees of the Month. 

Please join us in congratulating our October Employees of the Month!


Heidi Brennan - Health Room Attendant at Hidden River Middle School

Heidi Brennan wit hSuperintendent Shawn Woodward

Pictured: Heidi Brennand (left) with Superintendent Shawn Woodward (right)

Heidi Brennan is the most amazing team player!  She is always willing to help out wherever there may be a need!  Always positive, enthusiastic and caring to ALL!  Always gentle and sweet to all who enter the health room.  In the office she is eager to help if needed...greeting students/parents who enter the office with a warm welcome.  Helping a student struggling with homework and even figuring out a formula for bell schedules.  I am grateful to have her on the office team at HRMS.


Jonathan Judy - Principal of Hidden River Middle School

Jonathan Judy with Superintendent Shawn Woodward

Pictured: Jonathan Judy (left) with Superintendent Shawn Woodward (right)

I'm writing to express my sincerest gratitude for Principal Judy at Hidden River Middle School. We sat through my son's student-led conference with Mr. Judy this afternoon and I cannot tell you what a difference this conference was compared to last year. This year at Hidden River we met with Mr. Judy and our son to discuss his progress so far at school.  Mr. Judy had a Google Doc which we went over together. We truly felt Mr. Judy knew our student and genuinely wanted to see him succeed. Mr. Judy helped our son set goals for his learning, wrote out a plan to help him improve his grades, explained where he should focus (the 80% of the grading) but most of all we felt heard.  He spent more time with us than was originally allotted because the spot after us was open. As a parent what an amazing gift to give us. We did not feel rushed at all.  

If student led conferences are going to continue, Principal Judy should lead district wide professional development on what a student led conference should look like. Every parent and student should have the conference we just had. We feel extremely lucky to have made the switch to Hidden River. Conferences are just one of the highlights of our fabulous experience. Believe me when I say our student is not perfect. However, Mr. Judy makes us feel heard, solves challenges and has an open line of communication. Many times closing the communication loop even when he is just letting us know he is still working on our questions.  

I 100% believe Mr. Judy deserves the Employee of the Month award. Long over due for him if you ask me.