School Program & Operations Levy Approved by Local Voters!

Thank you voters!

Almost one week after the November 8th election, we can confidently say that the renewal of the School Program & Operations Levy has passed! At this time, results show that 52% of voters approved the levy renewal, guaranteeing local support for our students through 2026. Thank you Monroe community for renewing your support of our schools!

“We rely on this local funding for our schools and we are grateful to the Monroe voters for their support of our students and schools,” said Interim Superintendent Dr. Marci Larsen. “The renewal of this levy will allow us to continue providing the well-rounded education our community expects for our students, which goes beyond what the state provides funding for.” 

This levy bridges the gap between what the state funds as “basic education” and the education provided to the students of Monroe. The approved levy will continue to pay for day-to-day operations, programs, services, and essential staff, not fully funded by the state, including additional teachers, paraeducators, school nurses, safety and security officers, counselors, special education, athletics, and supplies and materials. Visit our School Program & Operations webpage to learn more about this levy.

Votes will continue to be counted in the coming weeks with the results officially certified on November 29. Daily ballot counts are updated daily on the Snohomish County Elections website.