Thank You Education Support Professionals!

Thank you education support professionals

This week marks the annual recognition of our education support professionals, also known as our classified staff, where we take time to celebrate and thank these employees for the critical role they play in the success of our district.

Our education support professionals are involved in nearly every aspect of education - from maintaining buildings and grounds; preparing and serving meals; keeping school facilities clean and orderly; assisting in the classroom; providing support to special education, multilingual learners, and opportunity gap students; providing information technology and media services, administrative support functions, and safe transportation; creating a secure and healthy environment; and SO much more.

In the Monroe School District, our 340 education support professionals are the backbone of our education system. These dedicated, hard-working employees deserve recognition and thanks for the outstanding work they do in support of all of our students. On behalf of the school board and district leadership team, THANK YOU to our education support professionals!


Dr. Marci Larsen
Interim Superintendent