Unlocking Recreation: Community Access to Outdoor Facilities

Community memebrs walki ngon school track

During Superintendent Woodward's initial 100 days, community feedback highlighted a desire for access to district outdoor recreational facilities such as tracks, fields, and tennis courts. 

In response to these requests, the track and all-weather fields at Park Place Middle School are now open for community use during non-school, daylight hours. The tennis courts at Monroe High School will also remain unlocked during these times. 

We invite community members to enjoy our outdoor recreational facilities during non-school, daylight hours and when they are not reserved for group activities. We kindly ask everyone to use these spaces responsibly, ensuring that we can maintain their availability for everyone. Please be mindful that any misuse or safety concerns may necessitate closure for the well-being of all users.

We opted to open Park Place Middle School's outdoor recreational facilities due to their clear visibility, providing a watchful environment to prevent misuse or safety issues. If the community's use of the facilities at Park Place Middle School is positive, we may explore the possibility of opening more facilities in the future.

For information about reserving use of our facilities, visit the Facility Use page on our website.