We are proud of our students in the Monroe School District—they are doing remarkable things and we love to share their stories and highlight their successes. One of the ways we do this is through the sharing of photos, videos and classwork. This information is shared internally, throughout the community, in presentations, online and with media for television, newspaper, and radio.

Most information about our students is confidential and cannot be made public without the consent of parents/guardians. However, a federal law called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) allows each student’s “directory information” to be released without specific consent from parents.

Directory information, which is generally not considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if released, includes:

      • student’s name, address and phone number
      • photograph, videotape and other images in which the student appears
      • grade level, dates of attendance, withdrawal and/or graduation
      • participation in officially recognized sports and activities
      • weight and height of members of athletic teams
      • diplomas and awards received
      • current and the most recent previous school attended

Monroe School District will release directory information upon request to law enforcement and Child Protective Services without the consent of parents. Monroe School District does not release directory information for commercial use.

If you do NOT want your child’s directory information to be released, please complete Section 1 of the Do Not Release Directory Information form and return it to your child's school. The choices made on this form will remain on your student’s record as long as he/she is enrolled in the Monroe School District, or until a new form is submitted. You have the right to make changes to this form at any time. If no form is on file, permission for the release of directory information is granted. For more information, please review Board Policy 5600.

Do Not Release Directory Information form

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Additionally, a federal law called the Elementary and Secondary Education Act requires high schools to provide military recruiters with a list of student names, addresses and phone numbers. Parents have the right to request that their high school student’s information not be given to military recruiters. If you do not want directory information released to military recruiters, please complete Section 2 on the Do Not Release Directory Information form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean if I fill out the form?

If you check the box in Section 1, Monroe School District will not share any of your child’s “directory information”. This means your child’s name and/or photo will NOT appear in any school or district publication, including the school newsletter, yearbook, school programs, graduation or honor roll lists, etc. Artwork with his/her name will not be entered in outside competitions, nor will public recognition be given for his/her accomplishments in any news media.

Does everyone need to fill out the form?

No, you only need to fill out and return the form if you do NOT want your child’s directory information to be released.

If you do not check the box in Section 1 or 2, you do not need to send the form in.

If I don't turn in the form, does that mean you will share my child's directory information with anyone that asks for it?

We only release student’s directory information to authorized requestors such as colleges and universities, scholarship grantors, PTA/PTO groups, the media, and youth organizations. We do not give out student directory information to every individual or group that requests it.

What if I only want my child to appear in the yearbook and nowhere else?

With today’s technology, everything has the potential to end up online and to be shared elsewhere. Yearbooks can be scanned and easily uploaded onto social media channels, just as any other published document. If families truly do not want their child’s name and photograph to be shared anywhere publicly, it is best to exercise caution and completely opt out of having your child’s name & photo from being published at all.

Where can I learn more?

For questions or more information, contact the district’s Communication Department at 360-804-2602, visit the Family Policy Compliance Office website or review School Board Policy 5600.