Policies & Procedures

Board directors set policies as a guiding framework for governing the district. Policies and procedures are updated regularly to stay in alignment with state laws and regulations. Policies typically go through a public reading and comment process before they are adopted or revised. Board approval is required to adopt new policies and to make significant changes or delete existing policies.

Procedures describe how policies are put into effect. These are established by district administration and do not require board approval; however, procedures that may be controversial are often reviewed by the school board and put through the public comment process.

In an effort to better align the Monroe School District policies with the Washington State School Directors' Association (WSSDA) model policies, we are currently working through the process of updating all of our policies. This process is expected to be completed in the 2019 school year. To view the policies that have been updated and adopted so far, please view our BoardDocs site. Policies that have yet to be updated can be found in the menu on this page. If you have questions or need assistance locating any of our board policies during this transition time, please call the Superintendent's office at (360) 804.2501.