Transfer Requests

While most students attend the school zoned for their neighborhood, families may request to transfer to one of our other schools.

All transfers are approved on a yearly basis and must be renewed annually to remain in a school of choice.

Enrollment fluctuates from year to year and we must ensure that space is available before we can approve any transfers. Priority is given to those already enrolled in Monroe School District and then additional transfers are approved on a first come, first served basis. Exceptions include programs located only at specific schools where students enrolled in the program must attend in order to participate.

It is important to note that families approved to attend a school of choice are responsible for their child's transportation to school. Families may either drive their child to school or contact our Transportation Department to have a bus stop within the school's boundaries assigned.

In-District Requests

If you already live within the Monroe School District boundaries and would like to request to transfer to a school other than the one assigned to you, please fill out and submit the Intra-District Transfer Application below:


Intra-District Transfer Application - English Intra-District Transfer Application - Spanish


Intra-District Transfer Application - English  Intra-District Transfer Application - Spanish

Additional information/guidelines:

  1. Intra-district Transfer Requests are granted for no more than one school year under the guidelines of Monroe School District policy #3131. Enrollment priority is given to students living within the attendance area boundaries of each school. Exceptions involve programs located only at specific schools where students enrolled in the program must attend in order to participate.
  2. Principals must ensure that a balance is maintained among grade levels at each school by carefully tracking enrollment patterns. A district administrator facilitates the process by working closely with building principals/designees to coordinate transfer decisions.
  3. A conference with a building principal may be required in some cases prior to a final placement decision. Transfer requests are considered on the following basis:
    • Potential benefits for the student requesting the transfer
    • Classroom capacity
    • Program capacity and/or availability
    • An assessment of the degree of risk to the health/safety of the student and others if the transfer is approved
  4. Parents/Guardians are responsible for providing transportation unless a specific district program (Excel, ELL, etc.) is located at the requested school.
  5. Transfers are granted for one school year. There is no assurance that a transfer request will be approved in subsequent years.
  6. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to ensure that any conflicts related to the conditions of legally decreed parenting plans and/or court orders are resolved prior to the time the transfer request is considered for approval. After approval, any copies of parenting plans and/or court orders must be provided to the school where the student is or will be attending.
  7. A transfer may be revoked during the school year when in the judgment of the principal the student is not benefiting from the transfer and/or creating a substantial obstacle to the opportunities of other students to learn in an environment free of unnecessary disruptions.
  8. If a transfer request is denied or revoked, the parent/guardian may appeal by asking the superintendent to review the decision.

Out-of-District Requests

Students wishing to attend a school outside of their resident school district must first submit paperwork to their home district in order to be released from that district. Please check in with your resident school district to find out what their process is for requesting an out-of-district transfer.

If you currently live within the Monroe School District boundaries and would like to attend a school in another district, you will need to fill out and submit the Choice Transfer Request online:


If you do not wish to fill out the application online, you may opt to print and fill out an application (below). Printed applications must be turned in to the district administration office. Please only fill out one application per student. You do not need to fill out the application online and the hard copy; choose one or the other.

Printable Out of District Transfer Request - PDF (for current Monroe School District students only):


Choice Transfer Request - English Choice Transfer Request - Spanish


Choice Transfer Request - English Choice Transfer Request - Spanish

Transfer requests that are not submitted online may be submitted via email, fax, U.S. Mail or in-person to:

Monroe School District
14692 - 179th Avenue SE
Monroe, WA 98272

Fax: (360) 804.2529