School Board

Five community members make up the Monroe School District's Board of Directors, commonly referred to as the School Board. The board members are elected by local voters according to the geographical district in which they live to ensure representation from across the 82 square miles of our service area. Each Director serves a term of four years and must run for re-election once the term is up.

Director District Map

Duties of the Board

  • Articulate the vision and values of the school district
  • Develop and implement policies that guide all aspects of learning and teaching
  • Adopt an annual budget that supports student learning
  • Review progress on district goals
  • Advocate for our students, our district and public education

Communicating with the Board

If you would like to share feedback or a concern with the board, you are welcome to communicate with the entire board and the superintendent via email. While members of the community are welcome to email board members or the superintendent independently, the best way to ensure all board members simultaneously receive the same information is to use the email button below, which sends an email to all board members and the superintendent at once. All emails sent to the school board--or any district employee--are subject to public disclosure.

Email the board

Board Meetings

We encourage you to actively participate in the governing of our public schools. School Board meetings are open to the entire community and are typically held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. at varying locations throughout the district. Learn more about School Board meetings here.

Board Policies & Procedures

Board directors set policies as a guiding framework for governing the district. Policies and procedures are updated regularly to stay in alignment with state laws and regulations. Policies typically go through a public reading and comment process before they are adopted or revised. Board approval is required to adopt new policies and to make significant changes or delete existing policies.All current Board policies and procedures can be found on our BoardDocs site. Click on 'Policies' on the top right. 

Procedures describe how policies are put into effect. These are established by district administration and do not require board approval; however, procedures that may be controversial are often reviewed by the school board and put through the public comment process.

“If your plan is for one year, plant rice. If your plan is for ten years, plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years, educate children. ”     -- Confucius


Role: Board Vice President
Term Expires: 2027

District 1



Role: Instructional Materials Committee (IMC) Rep
Term expires: 2027

District 2



Roles: President Pro-Tem and Legislative Rep
Term expires: 2025




Role: WA Interscholastic Activities Association Rep
Term expires: 2025




Roles: Board President
Term expires: 2027