District 3

School Board Director District 3 Boundaries

Beginning at the intersection of US Hwy 2 and E Main St. Southwest on E Main St to Kelsey St. North on Kelsey St to W Columbia St. West on W Columbia St to King St. North on King St to 154th St SE to State Hwy 522. Southwest on State Hwy 522 to 179th Ave SE. South on 179th Ave SE to 163rd St SE. West on 163rd St SE to 177th Ave SE. Southerly on 177th Ave SE into the prison property. Westerly through the prison, lassoing IMU, SOL, and TRU portions of the facility, exiting out onto SR 522. Southwesterly on SR 522 to the school district boundary. Counterclockwise on the school district boundary to the unnamed creek in the approximate east/west center of Township 27, Range 06E, Section 20. South on the unnamed creek to the pipeline toward the southern end of said section line. East on the pipeline to Welch Rd. South on Welch Rd to W Lost Lake Rd. South on W Lost Lake Rd. to Lost Lake Rd. Southwest on Lost Lake Rd to 138th Ave SE. South on 138th Ave SE to 228th St SE. East on 228th St SE to 155th Ave SE. South on 155th Ave SE to the school district boundary. Counter-clockwise on the school district boundary to the eastern crossing of US Hwy 2. West on US Hwy 2 to the point of the beginning.