The Monroe Commitment

From teachers to families to business leaders and community volunteers, it takes an entire community to successfully educate a student. And that's why we chose to partner with our community in reimagining and redefining the Monroe School District vision.

We didn't want to just rewrite a vision statement for our organization; we wanted to dig deep with our community and define our shared values and priorities in educating the youth of Monroe.

Through many conversations and collaborative work, it was evident that our community highly values a focus on

  • the strengths and passions of every student;
  • the innovation needed to create educational options;
  • our community’s involvement in the learning process; and
  • recognition that each and every student must graduate ready for college, careers, and life.

To achieve these ends, we wrote our new vision statement as a commitment to our students. This statement, called "The Monroe Commitment," promises that we will ensure EVERY student is provided with powerful instruction, equitable access, and be held to high standards.

Designed to inspire greatness from our students, staff, and all those involved in educating the youth of Monroe, The Monroe Commitment is the foundation for every single decision we make. It is who we are and what we do and we take great pride in honoring the values of our community in our commitment to our students.

The Monroe Commitment PDF

See The Monroe Commitment in action: