Equitable Access

We provide all students with the time, support and instruction needed to meet high standards. We believe in meeting every student at every level to help them achieve new heights.

New Training Provided to Paraeducators

As a district, we have put a lot of time and energy this year into developing engaging, relevant and meaningful lessons for our paraeducators that align with the new standards of practice. It is our goal to support our paraeducators by equipping them with the necessary tools to be successful in their vital roles, which ultimately benefits all of our students.

Opportunities for the Freshman Class of 2023

Next year, all MHS freshmen will be required to take 9th Grade Academy, which is a new course designed to teach important lessons in study and organizational skills, managing mental health and having a growth mindset. In addition, September 3rd is freshman orientation day for all ninth grade students at MHS.

Hidden River Middle School Shifts Culture to Improve Every Student's Success

In addition to their recognition from from the Washington State Office of the Superintendent (OSPI) for the inclusion of special education students in the general education classroom, and being named a model Professional Learning Community (PLC) school by Solution Tree last year, the Hidden River staff are now being featured on the ReadyWA's website for their commitment to improving every student's success.

Grading for Learning at HRMS

At Hidden River Middle School, our staff have an "All Means All" commitment to our students, meaning that we are committed to ensuring every single student at Hidden River meets or exceeds the essential state learning standards. Our staff has identified our school-wide grading practices to be an area in which we would like to improve. We have set goals for improvement and have been working hard this year to change how we report grades to ensure they are a true reflection of students' progress in meeting the state learning standards.

Planning for MHS Schedule Changes for 2019-20

With a goal of providing students the opportunity to take a wider variety of courses and supporting students in meeting increased credit requirements for graduation, the Monroe School District intends to shift to an alternating 8-period schedule at Monroe High School with a targeted implementation of the 2019-20 school year.

Highly Capable Program Referrals

Any student in grade K-11 may be referred by staff, family, community members or the students themselves to be screened for the Highly Capable Program. The nomination window is Oct 29th – Nov 9th

2018 Community-Based Education Program Graduation

Congratulations to the 2018 graduates of our Community-Based education program: Chase Anderson, Austin Metcalf and Jacob Reely! Thank you to our community businesses for your partnership and hats off to the grads!

Leaders in Learning Moving to MHS Campus

Beginning in the 2018-19 school year, Leaders in Learning High School will be located as a 'school within a school' on the Monroe High School campus. In addition to the standard suite of Leaders courses in the LILHS classrooms, Leaders students will have access to select MHS courses.

Leading for Equity

Leaders from the Washington State Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction (OSPI) and other state directors from across the country spent a day in Monroe School District learning about how we are leading the way in providing equity for students with disabilities.

Equitable Access Through Collaborative Teaching

To ensure all students with unique needs have a positive and equitable educational experience, our teachers have begun implementing a collaborative teaching model in which the general education teacher and a specialist teacher plan lessons together and share in the teaching of the lesson to meet the needs of students with varying ability levels within one classroom.