Equitable Access Through Collaborative Teaching

Equitable Access Through Collaborative Teaching

The Monroe School District Student Services department is responsible for ensuring all students with unique needs have a positive and equitable educational experience. The district's commitment of equitable access for all students is the foundation of our work.

One way we help students have a positive and equitable education experience is through collaborative teaching. One way our Monroe School District teachers collaborate is through co-teaching, which is when a general education teacher and a specialist teacher (special education teacher, learning assistance program teacher, English Language Learner teacher, etc.) plan a lesson together and have a shared voice in the teaching of the lesson to meet the needs of students with varying ability levels in one classroom.

Collaboration also happens when a member of our specialist teaching staff comes into a general education classroom and provides specific support to a student during class time. This collaboration occurs so that students no longer need to be pulled out of the classroom for support services and can still receive the strategic intervention they need without missing any class time.

When two teachers team together to meet the needs of the students they serve, great things happen for students and the staff alike. When teachers are committed to collaborative teaching, it provides the students with specialized support that can focus even deeper on the unique needs of the students in the class which in turn produces a better outcome for students. For staff, collaborative teaching offers a built-in professional support system for problem solving strategies to meet the needs of a diverse group of learners.

This Spring, to celebrate the collaborative teaching work Monroe School District staff members are championing, we surprised collaborative teaching leaders in their classroom, office, etc. with an official certificate of recognition. It was such a great experience to surprise staff members and to see students beaming with pride for their teacher. These teachers were also recognized by the School Board at their June 12th meeting. I am proud of our staff for collaborating to make the best learning environment possible, for all of our students.

-Nick French, Executive Director of Student Services

Nick French