Grading for Learning at HRMS

Grading for Learning at HRMS

At Hidden River Middle School, our staff have an "All Means All" commitment to our students, meaning that we are committed to ensuring every single student at Hidden River meets or exceeds the essential state learning standards. As we have continued to work to uphold that commitment over the past several years, we have realized that the grades we report often don't accurately reflect how students are progresses in meeting these standards. In addition to that, our grading practices have not always been consistent between different classes and often behavior and other factors have carried weight in a student's grades.

As we have previously shared, our staff has identified our school-wide grading practices to be an area in which we would like to improve. We have set goals for improvement and have been working hard this year to change how we report grades to ensure they are a true reflection of students' progress in meeting the state learning standards. I am so proud of how our staff is embracing the work of "grading for learning" and their commitment to continual improvement for themselves and for our students.

In discussing and sharing some of the things our staff have learned so far this year with our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), the suggestion was made to put together a series of short videos for families to explain some of the changes we are making, why we are making those changes, and how the process is progressing.

We want to keep all families in the loop and we loved the suggestion of sharing videos, so attached is our first short video on this topic of "grading for learning." In this video, I explain some of the big picture reasons why we are engaging in this process of trying to improve our grading practices at Hidden River. In future videos I will give more specific details on the changes, the things we've done this year to be more aligned and consistent, and I will address several of the areas parents have shared as concerns or had questions about.

I hope these videos are informative and I encourage you to reach out, ask questions, provide feedback and partner with us as we continue with our efforts to make Hidden River an even better place for our students.

View the video here

Brett Wille
Principal, Hidden River Middle School