Advancing Technology for Equitable Access

Advancing Technology for Equitable Access

The passage of the Technology Levy in 2014 is making a profound impact in our schools by providing equitable access to technology for all Monroe School District students. Over the last two years the district has been busy upgrading and enhancing the infrastructure that creates a stable and reliable network for students and staff to access. These enhancements were made to prepare for over 4,500 new student devices (laptops, etc.) that are being added to every main content area in our schools this summer.

At the middle and high school levels, the goal for these devices is to provide all students with access to the tools necessary to conduct intensive research and production required in their subject areas. Elementary's emphasis for the devices is to help students learn important digital literacy and digital responsibility skills, collaboration in small groups, and to respectfully hold each other accountable in the use of powerful technology tools.

In addition, by this fall, every instructional space in the district will receive new instructional presentation equipment that will seamlessly integrate with the new student devices. All classrooms will receive an audio system, a digital document camera, an interactive display panel and a video conferencing camera. The combination of all the technology equipment will allow students to share their work with their teacher and classmates in real time.

Students will also be able to access instructional resources on almost any mobile device, even from home. Our district's instructional tools include Google Docs, Gmail and Google Drive (a place to share their documents). This will provide an opportunity for collaboration between students and eliminate the barriers of students having to physically meet outside of school after hours. Google tools work on almost any type of device so parents and guardians will no longer have to worry about not having specific software at home to support the general school work of their student(s).

Our vision for providing equitable access to technology is to help prepare our students to compete for careers on a local, national and international level. Because of our voters support, we can and will realize this vision.