Monroe School District Announces New Vision Statement

Monroe School District Announces New Vision Statement
Monroe School District Announces New Vision Statement

Community is an integral part of the educational system in the Monroe School District and the strong ties the district has with its' diverse population are highly valued.

In the spring of 2016, the district launched a visioning process to gather community input in to help in crafting a new vision for the future of the Monroe School District. The goal was to create a collaborative vision that would serve as a guide for all aspects of the school district's work involved in educating students.

Two community-wide meetings were held for this purpose, where over 150 people joined in on the conversation. Information was shared, voices were heard, and focused brainstorming sessions led to a rough draft of a collaborative vision for the future of Monroe's schools.

In addition to the in-person visioning events held in June, many more community members contributed their opinions through an online process called Thought Exchange. Through this process, an additional 577 people shared over 760 thoughts. An in-depth look at the results of this process can be found here: English | Spanish

Through the sharing of ideas, values and priorities, it became very clear that both the district and community members had shared expectations in honoring the needs of every student and providing the rigorous learning experiences necessary for independent success.

Many committees and individuals poured over the input the community offered and condensed the information into key ideas. A final committee then took these key ideas and summarized them, careful to maintain the voice of community members, into a new Monroe School District vision.

The months of work resulted in the new vision: "The Monroe School District Commitment." District representatives believe this vision statement is both representative of what their community values in education and what they want the driving force to be behind their work with students across the entire district. View 'The Monroe Commitment"