Jump Start

Kindergarten Jump Start is a free program intended to give incoming Kindergarten students a jumpstart into school. All of our elementary schools offer Jump Start; however, participation is completely optional. 

Jump Start provides our staff an opportunity to learn more about our incoming Kindergarten students, their strengths and needs, and their families. Engaging activities throughout the week will help prepare our students for their start in Kindergarten and help us identify their academic, behavioral and social skill sets so that we can plan support accordingly for the upcoming school year. It will also provide our Kindergarten students the opportunity to become familiar with their new school, make some new friends, and make connections with important adults.

When is Jump Start?

August 15-18, 2022 from 8:45 – 11:45 a.m.

Parents and guardians will need to drop off and pick up their student each day, as transportation will not be provided. Students will be provided a snack but meals will not be offered.  

What will it look like?

Once students have arrived, they will be greeted by our teachers. They will not necessarily work with the teacher to whom they are assigned. There will be a variety of activities such as taking off and putting on their coat, writing their name, and participating in a read aloud that is led by one of the teachers. Students will play outside and do partner and independent work activities. All of these activities will provide the Kindergarten team with feedback about your student’s strengths and areas for growth, which will inform our teaching and their learning.

What if we have plans and can’t make it?

This four day long opportunity is completely voluntary.  We hope you can make it work, but if you cannot, that’s ok!  We’re looking forward to meeting your Kindergartener in September where we will have similar activities planned and plenty of opportunities to work together.

Who can attend?

This program is intended for all incoming Kindergarteners who are enrolled in the general education program for the 2022-23 school year.

Sounds great - how do I sign my student up?

Please submit the online registration form below. **Please note that signing up for Jump Start is different from enrolling your student in school.**

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