Montessori-Based Program

Location: Maltby Elementary

Monroe School District’s Montessori-based program began in 2012 and offers multi-age Montessori classrooms. This tuition-free program is located at Maltby Elementary. The Montessori-based program is divided into mixed grade-level groupings in each classroom. Students in grades K-5 may apply to be enrolled in the program; however, classes offered and grade-level groupings are determined by enrollment numbers and the specific needs of the children in the program each year.

A Montessori-based education helps children learn to be independent, self-directed learners equipped with the tools needed to accomplish their academic and personal goals. The Monroe School District’s Montessori-based classrooms are “prepared environments” designed to facilitate maximum independent learning and exploration by the child. Students work independently, in small groups, and with the entire class. Montessori-based materials and curriculum help children practice their lessons at their own pace, building independence, analytical thinking, and strengthening executive functioning skills.


Our mission is to cultivate a respectful and inclusive learning environment inspired by the Montessori philosophy. We are dedicated to nurturing each child's individual potential through a holistic approach to education, fostering independence, creativity, and a lifelong love of learning. Grounded in respect for the child's innate curiosity and unique developmental journey, we strive to prepare children to become global citizens.

The following describes components of Maltby’s Montessori-based program:

  • 5 day a week program
  • Students use Montessori curriculum and materials
  • Students participate in district and state assessments
  • Students participate in whole school events including assemblies, specialists (PE, music, digital learning), lunch, and recess
  • Students are supported by district services as needed (Special education, OT, PT, speech, LAP, etc.)
  • Parents are invited to attend at least one Parent Education class per year and and volunteer to support the program. Volunteering can be done at school or from home
  • New families are invited to tour the program and attend a Montessori Information Night (specific dates are offered each year - see below)

Questions to contemplate as you consider Montessori enrollment for your child:

  • Am I supportive of an educational philosophy that encompasses academic goals as well as: social service, conflict resolution, interpersonal relationships, environmental education, focus on process vs. product (no worksheets)?
  • As a parent:
    • Am I willing to support and participate in Montessori activities as well as whole school activities?
    • Am I willing to attend parent education programs?
    • Am I able to volunteer in the classroom, from home, or on committees in support of the program?
  • Is my child:
    • Able to follow through independently with minimum adult direction?
    • Able to focus in a busy environment in which many activities are going on at once?
    • Able to focus on an activity (not on a screen: phone, video game, or tablet) for 20 minutes or more?
    • Able to work at an individual pace within a multi-age classroom?

Information Night & Program Tours

An information night was held March 5, 2024 at Maltby Elementary for families interested in learning more about the program. If you missed it, you can view the presentation slides here.

Program Enrollment

Students entering kindergarten must be 5-years-old by August 31 in order to attend public school. Participation in the kindergarten year is done through an annual drawing which takes place each spring. 

Priority is given to students who live in the Monroe School District boundaries. Priority is also given in the following order:

  1. Siblings of currently enrolled students
  2. In-district students
  3. Out-of-district students


Families must turn in an interest form to be considered for possible enrollment in the program. An interest form needs to be completed each year for all families interested in participating in the program. Once all openings are filled, a waitlist is created for all other interested families.

We are no longer accepting interest forms for the 2024-25 school year.


  • Interest forms are due no later than 4:00 p.m. on March 31, 2024.
  • Families will be notified of acceptance or placement on the waitlist through email by April 15, 2024
  • Families who receive notification of acceptance must confirm their acceptance by April 19, 2024.
  • Students must officially enroll in the district (if not already enrolled) and an inter/intra-district transfer form (if Maltby Elementary is not your resident school) to attend the Montessori-Based Program must be submitted no later than April 26, 2024

More Information

Video showing examples of typical Montessori classroom learning.

All teachers hired for the Montessori-based program at Maltby Elementary are required to hold a current Washington State teaching certification in elementary education. In addition to this certification, our goal is for teachers to be Montessori certified in the grade level they are teaching.

For questions, please contact:

Maltby Elementary
9700 212th ST SE
Snohomish, WA 98296
Phone: (360) 804.3500