Pickup & Drop Off

Due to the large volume of cars that come through our parking lot on a daily basis and, we have detailed procedures in place to help facilitate safe and efficient drop off and pick up routines. Please review our parking lot expectations with your student(s) so that everyone is aware of our procedures.

There are two options for student drop-off in the morning:
  • Drop your student off in the parent drop-off car lane along the walkway
  • Park and physically walk your child to the gate using the crosswalk
Additionally, there are two options for picking up student in the afternoon:
  • Pick your student up in the parent pick-up lane located in the designated loading zone
  • Park and wait under the covered breezeway nearest the office

Under no circumstances shall a student EVER be unattended in our parking lot.

In addition, it is imperative that all students, staff and visitors always use the crosswalk area to cross from the parking lot to the covered breezeway.