Our work is enriched when community members provide input and help advise district leadership in the decision-making process. We believe strong community connections create strong schools and therefore, we regularly establish committees and advisory groups to provide input and recommendations and gather public thought about selected issues or potential changes. These committees and advisory groups typically include parents, staff and community members.

Current District Committees

Health Advisory Committee 

The purpose of the Health Advisory Committee is to support the school district in the materials adoption process for updated Comprehensive Sexual Health Education Materials. Per the Monroe School District policies, this committee serves to provide community norms for Sexual Health materials. Within this process, the committee serves in an advisory role, ensuring that materials adopted by the Monroe School District are reflective of community norms and values, while also following state and local legislation.

Instructional Materials Committee (IMC)

The Instructional Materials Committee makes instructional materials adoption recommendations to the school board. These instructional materials, used to help students meet state learning standards, may be printed or digital, and may include textbooks, technology-based materials, other educational media, and assessments.