Instructional Materials Committee

Purpose of the Committee

The Instructional Materials Committee (IMC) recommends instructional materials to the board of directors, which must vote to adopt specific curriculum for the district.


In accordance with Policy 2020 and 2020P, the Instructional Materials Committee (IMC) establishes and monitors procedures for the evaluation and recommendation of core instructional materials used by the district. The committee will act upon staff requests for core material approval and will evaluate and act upon citizens’ requests for reconsideration of core materials. Core instructional materials shall be selected based upon the degree to which they:

  • Demonstrate likelihood of impact as shown by scientific or evidence-based research;
  • Enable implementation of the district’s developed curriculum and meet state standards and College Readiness requirements;
  • Provide sufficient flexibility to meet the varied needs and abilities of the students served;
  • Provide clear and appropriate differentiation components for English Language Learners, special education students, students with academic opportunity gaps, and highly capable students;
  • Where appropriate, present balanced but differing views of issues, controversial or otherwise, in order that students may develop critical analysis and informed decision-making skills;
  • Demonstrate consideration of appropriate format(s) (including technological, visual, and/or auditory components);
  • Support an equitable access to learning and learning materials for all students; including the provision of appropriate, high-quality accessible instructional materials to all students with disabilities who require them; and
  • Are free of stereotyping and gender, race, class, and other forms of bias, recognizing that under certain circumstances biased materials may serve as appropriate resources to present contrasting and differing points of view, and biased materials may be employed in order to teach students about bias, stereotyping, and propaganda in historical or contemporary contexts. 

Committee members will be appointed by the superintendent or designee. Membership must be approved by the board of directors. The chairman and the secretary will be permanent members of the committee. Other members will have three-year terms. Temporary appointments of one year or less may be made to fill vacancies. 

General Information

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