Safe Return Plan

The Monroe School District School Reopening Safety Plan is designed to highlight many of the ways we are modifying operational practices as we reopen schools to keep staff and students as safe as possible. This plan will be updated as guidance from local health authorities changes.

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Safe Return to In-Person Learning Plan (PDF)

Find the latest guidance from Snohomish Health District and Washington State Department of Health here:

COVID-19 Latest Updates


The following reopening priorities were established with the School Reopening Committee during the summer months.

Health, Safety and Wellness - Physical and Social-Emotional

Follow all Department of Health and Snohomish County Health District guidelines for physical health. Systems in place to support relationships and emotional well being of students


Address systemic inequities, and provide additional support to students who need it


Work with families and staff to identify and address needs as they arise.


Deliver a sustainable reopening plan without breaking the budget.

Consistent Care and Communication

Engage and clearly communicate with all stakeholders.


Masks Required

All staff and students age 5 years and older must wear a mask or an acceptable alternative in the K-12 setting, as defined by the Department of Health. Students ages 2-4 are strongly encouraged to wear a mask, but are not required. Face covering/mask breaks for children may be allowed during outside, socially distanced recess or break times. Staff will maintain mask requirements at all times while supervising students. Face coverings/masks may be removed by children during drinking, eating, and physically distanced outside activity.

Personal Hygiene

 Hand washing and/or hand washing alternatives is required upon entrance to the building and classrooms, departure from school, and other key times throughout the day (prior to and after eating, utilizing the restroom, returning from recess, etc). Soap and water hand washing for at least 20 seconds is preferred whenever possible.

Self-Serve Hand Sanitizer 

Hand sanitizer is available throughout all school buildings and is to be used only when the preferred method of handwashing is not available.

Health Screening

 All staff, students and visitors are required to complete a daily attestation or health screening before entering any school district facility or boarding a bus. School staff will be trained to identify symptoms of illness as students come to school and throughout the day.

Physical/Social Distancing

Physical distancing will be required while on school district property.

Movement Logistics

Protocols will be implemented to manage movement and limit transmission opportunities within the school building.


Appropriate signage will be displayed prominently throughout buildings indicating: direct traffic flow, physical distancing, proper handwashing, and required face coverings.

Cleaning & Sanitization

Enhanced cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization of schools and buses will be conducted.

Environmental Modifications

Changes to the physical learning environment will be implemented, including ventilation improvements, restricted use of water fountains, and adjusted classroom design and setup.


Schools will reopen to in-person learning in delineated phases, beginning with higher-need students and gradually progressing to other students, in accordance with guidance from local health authorities.


Classroom sizes and spaces will be modified as appropriate to promote distancing and support each student’s understanding of their role in maintaining a healthy classroom environment.


Modifications to bus operations will occur and enhanced cleaning practices will support bus safety in alignment with guidance from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s (OSPI) Reopening Washington Schools 2020 Planning Guide. We expect that some of our families will choose to transport their children in a personal vehicle which will reduce total ridership. This will help support the recommended physical distancing of bus riders.


All staff, students and visitors on campus will be required to complete a daily health/attestation form (Visitor, Student: English | Spanish) or an in-person screening, including a temperature check, prior to entering the school or boarding a bus, in accordance with the Snohomish Health District’s COVID-19 Screening Protocols.

Students showing any COVID-19 symptoms should not come to school.