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Construction of New Chain Lake Elementary Driveway Begins
Erin Zacharda

Promised in the voter-approved Capital Projects Bond in 2015, construction of the new Chain Lake Elementary driveway has kicked off and is slated to be completed by the end of 2018.

If you've ever dropped off or picked up your student at Chain Lake Elementary during arrival and dismissal times or even driven by the school during these busy times of day, you've undoubtedly experienced frustration by the volume of cars along the side of the road and the traffic jams caused by the entrance/exit to the parking lot.

As part of the Capital Projects Bond approved by voters in 2015, Monroe School District (MSD) promised to address this frustrating traffic situation by creating a new driveway/entrance to the existing parking lot. With most of the major construction projects also proposed in that bond now complete, MSD is able to focus resources on completing this project at Chain Lake Elementary.

Part of the large plot of forested land to the south of the school, owned by the school district, will be home to a new, longer driveway that will serve as the queue lane for cars during arrival and dismissal times to help keep them off the road. This new driveway will also create a new entrance point so that vehicles are entering and exiting the parking lot in two separate locations, thus improving sightlines for those exiting the school. This long driveway will also be wide enough to allow for additional parking during large events at the school (curriculum night, school picnics, etc) and alleviate some of the need for cars to park on the sides of the road. The driveway will also have lighting to allow for parking during evening events.

Below is an aerial view of the plan for the new driveway.

Aerial view of new Chain Lake Driveway plan

The project kicked at the end of October with excavators clearing land to make way for the new driveway. It is estimated that the project will take approximately 30 days if weather conditions are dry, and up to 90 days if we encounter many rainy days. The work should not interrupt school or recess activities. We will share specific details about the new drop off, pick up and parking procedures once the project is close to completion.

We look forward to the increased ease of accessibility that will come along with the completion of this project and we greatly appreciate your understanding and patience throughout the construction phase.

Visit our Capital Projects page to learn about the other projects that were also part of the 2015 Capital Projects Bond.

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