Family Pass & Fee Waiver Opportunity

Monroe School District Family Event Pass

Family Event Passes are available for low-income families who qualify for Free or Reduced Meals with parent consent marked to share eligibility status. Family Event Passes allow eligible family members to receive reduced admission to ASB events held at MSD schools. Family passes are not accepted for playoff games or away games.

To apply for a Family Event Pass, please complete this Google Form. Please note: You must first apply for Free and Reduced Price Meals to be eligible for a Family Pass.

What is House Bill 1660?

In 2020, the Legislature passed House Bill (HB) 1660 to increase student participation and reduce barriers for participation in extra-curricular activities.

This bill aims to increase participation in extra-curricular activities by:

  • Creating equitable access to extra-curricular opportunities that improve academic, social, and emotional outcomes;
  • Collecting and analyzing data; and
  • Addressing barriers to extra-curricular activities, such as ASB and Athletic fees.

The new law revised RCW 28A.325.010 and RCW 28A.325.050. For optional non-credit extracurricular activities, school districts must:

  • Waive attendance or participation fees for eligible low-income students;
  • Reduce attendance fees for low-income students’ family members; and
  • Reduce attendance fees for low-income non students age > 65.

To be eligible, parents must complete and submit the free and reduced-price meals application or a Family Income Survey AND a parent consent form that gives MSD permission to share the eligibility for the student. The application and consent forms are required annually, and it is recommended that they be submitted as soon as possible, so students’ eligibility may be considered for all applicable fee waivers. The consent to share form is not retroactive in relation to when fees are waived. If a family has already received a free or reduced letter of eligibility this year, they do not have to fill out a new application. However, the parent consent to share form will still need to be completed and submitted to the district.

Please view the following link for the free and reduced-price meal application or the Family Income Survey and the consent to share form. Please submit these forms to the school building your student attends or directly to the district office. There is an online application as well, and the consent to share is located within that online form.

Fee waivers apply to any optional non-credit extra-curricular participation of the district, which is of cultural, social, recreational, or athletic in nature. Fee waivers for eligible students will be automatically applied once consent is given.

If you have questions about HB-1660, please contact the district office at 360-804-2510.

What student fees WILL be waived?

  • ASB card designation
  • Plays
  • ASB field trips
  • Dances
  • Home games
  • Dues
  • Competitions and conferences
  • Uniforms – barrier to participation

What student fees will NOT be waived?

  • SAT/ACT/AP tests
  • Yearbooks and ads
  • Spirit wear
  • Photos
  • Traffic safety education
  • Concessions
  • PE clothes
  • Playoffs and away games
  • Parking
  • Booster/PTA fundraisers
  • Replacement supplies
  • Curricular activities
  • Chromebook protection plans
  • Fines – option to volunteer

What students are affected?

The new reporting requirements are for grades 9-12 ONLY. However, House Bill 1660 requires school districts to waive attendance or participation fees for eligible low-income students in ALL grades. There are multiple ways to identify students as low-income:

  • Eligible for free or reduced-price meals through the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program (qualify via Direct Certification or Application for Free and Reduced-Price Meals). Per federal guidelines, parent consent is required to share this data
  • Family income survey