Business & Finance

Our mission is to help to ensure that our district uses tax dollars responsibly to support our commitment to student learning. Our work includes several departments, such as payroll & benefits, accounts payable and accounting. Each year, we oversee the budget development process.

Financial Reports


Contact us

If you have any questions, please call us at (360) 804.2510.

Michelle Gallik Department Manager (360) 804.2510
Michele Engvall Accounts Payable (360) 804.2513
Adina Givens Accounts Payable (360) 804.2514
Stefanie Preston Payroll/Benefits Coordinator (360) 804.2515
Kaitlin Pullen Payroll Specialist (360) 804.2516
Taran Sannes Payroll Specialist (360) 804.2518
Kelly Schwindt Payroll Specialist (360) 804.2517
Lori Ostrom Accounting Specialist (360) 804.2512
Brenda Hunt Chief Financial Officer (360) 804.2519